AUGUSTUSBURG (CHEMNITZ) CHEMNITZ Marmorpalast (5) Location: Limbacher Strasse Today: The building is empty. On November 16, 1927 Hitler held a speech at the Marmorpalast in Chemnitz. On the second of April of 1928 Hitler was back in the Marmorpalast for another speech.

A postcard of the Kaufmännische Vereinshaus

The Südkampfbahn in 1930  (source: The Sportforum  (source: Circus Sarrasani (8) Location: Carolaplatz Today: The original building has gone. Hitler came to the Zirkus Sarrasani on September 18, 1928 to give a speech. On June 21, 1930 and on December 11, 1932 he spoke there again. Left: Zirkus Sarrasani in 1910, with behind it the Dreikönigskirche  (picture: public domain, wikipedia) Right: An impression of the old  Zirkus Sarrasani  (source: Speech for the Nationalen Klub Sachsen Location: Unknown On April 11, 1930 Hitler was in Dresden for a speech for the Nationalen Klub of Sachsen. Radrennbahn Reick (10) Location: Oskar Röderstrasse 1, near the Galopprennbahn Today: Still there On April 3, 1932 Hitler spoke at the Radrennbahn Reick. The Deutsche Fotothek (look for it on the internet) has a picture of the Radrennbahn.

Radrennbahn Reick during a politcal campaign on 19 july 1932

Reichsautobahn Dresden-Meerane

Location: Location opening unknown

On June 23, 1937 Hitler opened the highway between Dresden and Meerane. He held a speech there for the roadworkers.

Hitler at the opening of the highway Dresden-Meerane

(picture: source unknown)

Location: Theaterplatz 2 (than called Adolf-Hitler-Platz)

Today: The Sempertheater is still there.
On May 27, 1934 Hitler opened the German Theaterweek (Reichstheaterfestwoche). Hitler attended Wagners Tristan and Isolde that was played. He stayed in Dresden until 30 May, but what his activities were, is unknown to me. He might have visited an army base.
Who knows what Hitler did in Dresden during those days?

The Semperoper after 1880
(picture: public domain, wikipedia)

The Semperoper today

Next to the Gaststätte Italienischen Dörfchen, was the old hotel Bellevue. The picture shows the Gaststätte. (picture:

Hotel Bellevue (11)

Location: Theaterplatz, next to the Gaststätte Italienischen Dörfchen (Theaterplatz 3)

Today: On the other side of the river Elbe a new hotel reopened in 1985. It is called the Westin Bellevue Hotel.

On May 29 and 30, 1934 Hitler was in Dresden. On the 29th he spoke for leaders of the SA inside the hotel Bellevue. On the next day he held a speech for local leaders of the NSDAP (location unknown). After that he went to Berlin.

Cruise on the river Elbe (12a-12b)

Location: The river Elbe, from Dresden to Schandau

Today: The hotel where Hitler and the Wagners staid is unknown.

Hitler was in Dresden on 7 and 8 Mai, 1936. The Wagner children came to visit him at his hotel and made a cruise on the river Elbe with him. The next morning Winifred Wagner arrived at the hotel. They had breakfast and after that Hitler and the Wagners drove to Bayreuth. Hitler went to his hotel (Bube) in Bad Berneck.

The courtyard of the Zwinger today (picture: public domain, wikipedia)

Zwinger (12)

Location: Theaterplatz 1

Today: The Zwinger building was badly damaged in the war. It was restored after it.

In 1936 Hitler visited the Zwinger in Dresden. He was in Dresden on 7 and 8 Mai, 1936. The Wagner children came to visit him at his hotel and made a cruise on the river Elbe with him.

FREIBERG Tivolisaal (13) Location: Dr.-Külz-Straße 3 Today: Still there Hitler spoke at the Tivolisaal in Freiberg on June 11, 1930. GLAUCHAU Exerzierhalle (14) Location: Unknown Hitler spoke at the Exerzierhalle on April 25, 1929. Völkerschlachtdenkmal (17) Location: Prager Strasse/An der Tabaksmühle On July 16, 1933 Hitler was in Leipzig on occasion of the so called Sachsentreffen on the Gauparteitag in Leipzig. Hitler spoke for 140.000 people at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal. Left: The Völkerschlachtdenkmal today (picture: Right: Hitler at the Sachsentreffen Goebbels, Hitler and Röhm at the Sachsentreffen   (picture: Hitler's Handlangers, 2004) Left: The old operahouse  Right: Hitler inside the old operahouse in Leipzig. When enlarged the picture shows him sitting on the aisle in the front row. Hotel Sachsenhof (19) Location: Johannisplatz ½ Today: Ruined in the war. On February 18, 1928 Hitler spoke to at a Reichsführer-meeting at the hotel Sachsenhof. An old postcard of the Johannisplatz Hotel Sachsenhof in 1901 (picture: public domain, wikipedia) Zoologischer Garten/ Leipziger Zoo (20) Location: Pfaffendorfer Strasse 29 Today: Still there Hitler spoke at the Zoo in Leipzig in May  1928, May 1929, June 1930 and December 1932. Park Meusdorf (18) Location: Near the Prager Strasse Today: Still there, the Völkerschlachtdenkmal is there. Hitler spoke at the Meusdorf Park on March 4, 1932. A postcard of a hall in the  Meusdorf Park

Grundsteinlegung Richard-Wagner-Nationaldenkmal (21)

Location: Richard-Wagner-Hain, between Jahnallee and Am Elsterbecken

Today: The Denkmal was never realised. Only the open space reminds of the plans to built a national Wagner-Denkmal. It has become a park. Don’t mistake this location for the other Richard-Wagner-Denkmale in Leipzig.

On March 6, 1934 Hitler held a speech on occasion of laying the first stone of the Richard-Wagner-Nationaldenkmal. Emil Hipp was going to built it. He already started in 1932. The different parts of the Denkmal were ready in 1944, but they were never brought together in Leipzig. Today they are spread all over Germany.

Hitler and Goebbels in Leipzig on March 6, 1934

(picture: Hitler's Handlangers, 2004)

Speech at the Deutscher Juristentag 1933

Location: Unknown

On October 4, 1933 Hitler spoke at the Deutschen Juristentag in Leipzig. The Juristentag was a yearly returning event. The organisation that was responsible for it, seems to have dissolved in 1933. Under the National Socialist flag an event took place under the same name: Deutscher Juristentag 1933. In 1949 the ‘original’ Verein was refounded.  

Speech 1938

Location: Unknown

Hitler held a speech at an unknown location in Leipzig on March 26, 1938.

Speech 1936

Location: Unknown

On March 26, 1936 Hitler visited Leipzig and held a speech there.

Halle des Vereins dt. Maschinenbauanstalten Location: Unknown Hitler spoke at this hall on April 3, 1932.

The Gewandhaus in 1900

(picture: public domain, wikipedia)

Winifred Wagner and Adolf Hitler insisde th Leipziger Gewandhaus on February 13, 1933

(picture: Hamann, 2003)

Hitler somewhere in Leipzig in 1933 Marinus van der Lubbe in the courthouse  of Leipzig LEIPZICH Prater Location: Unknown Hitler was in Plauen on June 11 and 12, 1925. He spoke at the Prater on the 11th and the 12th. Speech Location: Unknown Hitler was in Plauen again on October 6, 1925. What he was doing, is not clear yet. PLAUEN Schützenplatz Location: Unknown On April 3, 1932 Hitler started a tour by plane, visiting 21 German towns. On the third of April he spoke in Dresden, Chemnitz, Leipzig and Plauen.

Neumarkt (22)

Location: Neumarkt

Today: Still there

On October 6, 1938 Hitler drove through Löbau, after arriving in his Sonderzug. A picture shows him in his Mercedes on the Neumarkt. He was heading for the Sudetenland. He was in Rumburg and Friedland on the same day.

Hitler on the Neumarkt



WEINBÖHLA Zentralgasthof (24) Location: Kirchplatz 2 Today: Still there On April 8, 1928 Hitler held a speech at the Zentralgasthof in Weinböhla. WERDAU Festhalle (25) Location: Unknown On June 16, 1930 Hitler held a speech at the Festhalle in Werdau. ZITTAU Kronensälen (26) Location: Unknown On May 9, 1929 Hitler held a speech at this location. Schießwiese Location: Zittau-East Today: Unknown Hitler spoke at the Schießwiese on July 23, 1932. Lindenhof, Theater and Gaststätte (27) Location: Marienthaler Strasse 53 Today: Taken down in 2003 Hitler spoke at the Lindenhof at July 15, 1925. Neue Welt (28) Location: Leipziger Strasse 182 Today: Still there Hitler spoke at the Neue Welt on April 5, 1928. ZWICKAU

A postcard of the Schwanenschloss and the lake Schwanenteich

BAD ELSTER Münchener Hof (3) Location: Unknown Hitler came to Bad Elster on September 14, 1928. He held a speech at the Münchener Hof. ANNABERG (ANNABERG-BUCHHOLZ) Festhalle (1) Location: Unknown Hitler held a speech at the Festhalle in Annaberg on April  17, 1929. BAUTZEN Kronesälen (4) Location: Unknown Hitler came to Bautzen on June 6, 1930 for a speech at the Kronesälen. Sportplatz Spielvereinigung Hummel Location: Unknown Hitler spoke at this Sportplatz on July 23,1932.

The two most important cities of Sachsen on this page are Dresden and Leipzig. Hitler visited both places several times. A famous Hitler location in Sachsen is the Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig, also the city were Marinus van der Lubbe was sentenced to death.   

1. Festhalle, Annaberg 2. Schloß, Augustusburg 3. Münchener Hof, Bad Münster 4. Bautzen 5. Marmerpalast, Chemnitz

6. Vereinshaus, Chemnitz 7. Südkampfbahn, Chemnitz 8. Circus Sarrasani, Dresden

9. Semperoper, Dresden 10. Radrennbahn Reick, Dresden 11. Hotel Bellevue, Dresden

12. Zwinger, Dresden 12a. + 12b. Elbe 12c. Rathaus, Dresden 13. Tivolisaal, Freiberg 14. Exerzierhalle, Glauchau 15. Reichsgericht, Leipzig 16. Oper, Leipzig

17. Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig 18. Park Meusdorf, Leipzig 19. Hotel Sachsenhof, Leipzig 20. Zoologischer Garten, Leipzig 21. Richard-Wagner-Denkmal, Leipzig 21a. Gewandhaus, Leipzig 22. Neumarkt, Löbau 23. Festhalle, Plauen 24. Zentralgasthof, Weinböhla

25. Festhalle, Werdau 26. Zittau

27. Lindenhof, Zwickau 28. Neue Welt, Zwickau 29. + 30. Sportplatz, Zwickau


Sachsen weergeven op een grotere kaart

Hitler with Brigadeführer Schaub, Reichsminister Rust and Reichsstatthalter Rutschmann

(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936)