Hitler in Bad Ems with his Leibstandarte BAD EMS BAD KREUZNACH BETZDORF-SCHEUERFELD

Left: Hitler at the Bahnhofstrasse Right: The same location in the Bahnhofstrasse today.  

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Hotel Brauhauskeller (7) Location: Eisenbahnstrasse 8-10 Today: The hotel is still there  In April of 1931 Hitler visited the town of Frankenthal (Pfalz). Hitler spend the night at the hotel Brauhauskeller.

The Hotel Brauhauskeller today

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FRANKENTHAL Two pictures of the ‘Ausstellungsgelände’ (left picture: www.herman-hussong.de; right picture: www.lautsinger.de) An athlete salutes Hitler The Ehrenbreitstein festivities KOBLENZ Stadion Oberwerth (11) Location: Jahnstrasse Today: The oldest part of the stadium, the Haupttribune, dates from 1935.  On April 21, 1932 Hitler spoke to 50.000 people that gathered in the Oberwerth stadium.

The Oberwerth Stadium today (picture: www.wikipedia.de)

Stadthalle Location: Unknown On August 21, 1930 Hitler hel d a speech at the Stadthalle in Koblenz. If you know where the Stadhalle was in 1930 please let us know. LUDWIGSHAFEN

A drawing of the Ebertpark dated 1920 (drawing: www.wikipedia.de)

IDAR The Stadthalle in Mainz in 1899 (picture: www.wikipedia.de,  copyright: public domain) MAINZ

 Hitler duing a speech at the

stadium of Neustadt

Stadion (Schöntal) (16) Location: Sauterstraße 89 Today: Sporting fields and swimming pool; a nazi eagle is still present at the Sauerstrasse Stadium Hitler spoke to 50.000 people at the stadium of Neustadt on July 29, 1932.

The stadion of Neustadt in 1940 as seen from the Sonnenweg (today Leopold-Reitz-Weg).

A helpfull source from Neustadt confirmed that this is the right stadium.

NEUSTADT AN DER HAARDT/WEINSTRAßE The old Nürburgring Hitler meets Caraciola in Berlin NÜRBURG Speech inside a tent (20) Location: Unknown Hitler spoke to 50.000 people that gathered somewhere in Wallmenroth. WALLMENROTH Hitler travelling through Trier (19) Location: Unknown Hitler travelled through Trier in 1939. More information about Hitler and Trier is welcome. Hitler drivng through Trier TRIER Tonhalle Location: Unknown Hitler held a speech at the Tonhalle in trier On April 21, 1932. There were 30.000 people present. Wormatia Stadion (23) Location: Alzeyerstrasse Today: There’s still a stadium there. Hitler spoke to 30.000 people in the Wornatia Stadium on June 12, 1932. WORMS Festwiese (18) Location: Exact location unknown On November 1, 1932 Adolf Hitler spoke to 80.000 people in a tent on the Festwiese in Pirmasens. PIRMASENS WAXWEILER SAARLAND

Reichsminister Dr. Todt speaks at a meeting of the Organisation Todt at the Befeirungsfeld in Saarbrücken.

(picture: 15 September 1940)

The new station. There is nothing left of the old one. Only the Bahnhofsvorplatz remains.  (pictures: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) Adolf Hitler in front of the old station of Saarbrücken. The station was ruined in the war. Inside the Rathaus   (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1935) On the Rathaus balcony   (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1935) Hitler on his way to Saarbrücken The Rathausplatz during the visit of Adolf Hitler (pictures: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1935) A picture of the Rathausplatz from a different perspective. The St. Johannskirche is in the back of the picture.  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1935) Hitler in Saarbrücken SAARBRÜCKEN Adolf Hitler at the parade on the Rathausplatz in Saarbrücken in 1935  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1935) The Rathaus St. Johann today  (pictures: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) More pictures of the city hall on the Rathausplatz today  (pictures: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) Adolf Hitler on the Rathausplatz (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1935) The crest of Saarbrücken (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) Hitler on the Rathausplatz  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1935) On the right side of the city hall is a passage to the backside of the building.  (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) Pictures taken from the backside of the Rathaus, when looking through the passage. towards the front of the building.  (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012)

One of the largest gatherings Hitler attended in this area took place at the Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz in 1934. Two years earlier he spoke at several large meetings, for instance in Ludwigshafen, Neustadt and Trier. Hitler was at the Nürburgring racetrack at least once. When the Saarland became German again in 1935 Hitler also visited Saarbrücken.  

1. Städtische Stadion, Alzey 2. Spa Hotel, Bad Ems 3. Pfingstwiese, Bad Kreuznach 4. Siegwiesen, Betzdorf-Scheuerfeld 5. Bitbirg Air Base 5a. Bitburg bunker area 6. Bahnhofstrasse, Frankenthal 7. Hotel Brauhauskeller, Frankenthal 8. Fußballplatz Klotzberg, Idar 9. Ausstellungshalle, Kaiserslautern 10. Festung Ehrenbreitstein, Koblenz 11. Stadion Oberwerth, Koblenz 12. Große Halle, Ludwigshafen 13. Eberthalle, Ludwigshafen 14. Stadthalle, Mainz 15. Sportplatz, Mainz 16. Stadion, Neustadt 17. Nürburgring, Nürburg 18. Festwiese, Pirmasens 19. Trier 20. Wallmenroth 21. Bahnhof, Waxweiler 22. End of the track, Waxweiler 23. Wormatia Stadion, Worms 24. Rathaus St. Johann, Saarbrücken 25. Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken 26. Hauptbahnhof, Saarbrücken 27. Befreiungsfeld, Saarbrücken 


Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland weergeven op een grotere kaart
Saarländisches Staatstheater (25) Location: Schillerplatz 1 Today: Still there The theatre was Hitler's gift to Saarbrücken, it was called the ’Gautheater Saar-Pfalz’. The theatre was ready in 1938. Hitler held a speech to open the theatre. Hitler left the theatre by car. Hitler during his speech at the opening of the Gautheater The Gautheater today (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) The roadside billboard (left) and the wall of the hotel (right) on the  memorial grounds of Gestapo Camp Neue Bremme (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) A memorial pillar near the camp  (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) Inisde the former Gestapo camp (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012) The fire water pond, where torture and killing took place  (picture: T&FB, © the Hitlerpages, 2012)