Frankfurter Römer (Rathaus) (4) Location: Römerberg 21-27 Today: Still there When Adolf Hitler visited Frankfurt am Main on March 31, 1938 he spoke at the Festhalle again, but he also visited the town hall, called the Römer. The Kaisersaal The Kaisersaal still looks the same The Römer today The Bürgersaal Picture of Hitler's motorcade driving through Frankfurt (5) Location: Braubachstrasse (near the Römer) Today: Still there The picture below shows Hitler in his car, driving through the Braubachstrasse in Frankfurt am Main. The IG-Farben Haus Hitler's shoveling ceremony Hitler's car driving on the Autobahn between  Frankfurt and Darmstadt at the opening of the highway Left: The Festhalle in the 1920’s Centre: After the bombing in 1942 Right: The Festhalle today Inside the Festhalle FRANKFURT AM MAIN

Plane and Sonderzug (7)

Location: The Flugplatz is on the Airportring, the railroad runs north of it.

Today: Still there

On June 17, 1940 Hitler flew to Frankfurt from Belgium to go to München. In Frankfurt he got aboard his Sonderzug and he went to München.

Hitler visits his soldiers Location: Unknown On December 23, 1939 Hitler visited an Aufklarungsstaffel, Infanterie Regiment Grossdeutschland, and Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. Festzelt (tent) on the Marktplatz (17) Location: Marktplatz the Kornmarkt between the Bahnhofstrasse and the Böhmergasse Today: Still there On October 31, 1932 Hitler spoke to some 30.000 people in Limburg an der Lahn. Left: Hitler in Limburg an der Lahn Above: the Kornmarkt (source: LIMBURG AN DER LAHN GIEßEN Volkshalle (9) Location: Grünberger Strasse Today: Miller Hall On November 9 (!), 1931 Hitler held a speech at the Volkshalle. On June 17, 1932 Hitler spoke at the Festhalle in Gießen. It’s probably the same hall. KASSEL The Friedrichplatz  in 1783 The Friedrichsplatz  in 1938 The Friedrichplatz today The Wilhelmshöherplatz A postcard of the old Staatstheater on the Friedrichsplatz The Friedrichsplatz on June 4, 1939 with Adolf Hitler. In the background is the Staatstheater.  (picture: LIFE magazine) The new Staatstheater in 1959.  (picture: Bundesarchiv)

Adolf-Hitler-Haus (11)

Location: Wilhelmshöher Allee, exact location unknown.

Today: Unknown

Hitler held a speech at the opening of the Adolf-Hitler-Haus in Kassel on February 11, 1933.

The map shows the airport area in 2004. The runway was located between the two red dots on the right.

Großdeutschen Reichskriegertag (12)

Location: Arrival at the Flugplatz in Waldau; In between the Marie-Curie-Straße and the Fuldaaue lies an industriepark. The runway of the airport was a little east of the Antonius-Raab-Strasse.

Today: Industriepark Waldau, Kassel

On June 4, 1939 Hitler visited Kassel when the Großdeutschen Reichskriegertag took place. About 300.000 people took part of it. Hitler arrived at the airport around 10 o’clock. Keitel and Bormann join Hitler on his way to Kassel. Hitler leaves Kassel by air on 19.00 hours.

Both pictures: Hitler driving through Kassel on the Reichskriegertag

Großdeutschen Reichskriegertag – drive through the city (10, 13, 14, 15, 16)

Location: from the Leipziger Straße (13), to the Fuldabrücke (14) through the Altstadt to the Königsstraße (15) and the Friedrichsplatz (10) and he arrives at the Karlwiese (16) at the Karlsaue.

Today: The streets still have the same names.

On June 4, 1939 Hitler visited Kassel when the Großdeutschen Reichskriegertag took place. About 300.000 people took part of it. When Hitler drove through the city, thousands of people cheared him on.

The Karlsaue today


The Orangerie on the Karlsaue

Hitler on the Reichskriegertag

Großdeutschen Reichskriegertag – Karlwiese (16)

Location: An der Karlsaue

Today: Still there

On June 4, 1939 Hitler visited Kassel when the Großdeutschen Reichskriegertag took place. About 300.000 people took part of it. At the Karlwiese a large army demonstration is planned. Hitler gave a speech in which he attacked England.


Speech for the 9th army-corps (8)

Location: The old Watterkaserne on the Kasseler Straße was the home of Artillerie-Regiment 5 and parts of the Artillerie-Regiment 9, 29, 45 and 65. There also was an army airport in Frizlar. The speech could have taken place at the Watterkaserne, but I don’t know  the exact location.

Today: The airport is still there. Unknown what happened to the Kaserne.

On September 18, 1936 Hitler spoke to the 9th army-corps on the occasion of the so called Fahnenübergabe.

A picture of the Adlerhorst area ZIEGENBERG LORSCH Friedhof  (18) Location: Friedhofstrasse Today: Still there. Excact location of the grave unknown.  Hitler came to Lorsch on August 9, 1929 for a speech at the funeral of Erich Jost, a member of the SA. MARBURG OFFENBACH Sportplatz (21) Location: Unknown Hitler spoke at the Offenbach Sportplatz on June 16, 1932. RÜDESHEIM The Niederwalddenkmal today

Adolf Hitler at the Niederwalddenkmal. It’s hard to see, but he walks inbetween the crowds in the centre of the picture.

(picture: Heinrich Hoffmann)

A large crowd has gathered to see Hitler.

(picture: Heinrich Hoffmann)

Through a relay greetings from the Saarland were brought to Hitler.

(picture: Heinrich Hoffmann)

Festhalle (2) Location: Exerzierplatz, near the present Hauptbahnhof, to the southeast of the Rheinstrasse Today: Gone, the Rheinstrasse is called Berliner Allee now. On November 13, 1931 Hitler held a speech at the Festhalle.

An old picture of the Festhalle

Radrennbahn Location: Not sure Today: There is a new Radrennbahn on the Heidelbergerstrasse, but if it’s on the original location I don’t know. On June 15, 1932 Hitler held a speech at the Radrennbahn in Darmstadt. DARMSTADT

One of the things Hitler is still credited for is that he was responsible for making the German highway-system. The plans for a highway between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, both in Hessen, were already made before he came to power. Hitler visited Frankfurt several times.

1. Autobahn, Darmstadt 2. Festhalle, Darmstadt 3. Festhalle, Frankfurt

4. Römer, Frankfurt 5. Braubachstrasse, Frankfurt 6. I.G.-Farben-Haus, Frankfurt

7. Plane and Sonderzug, Frankfurt

8. Speech, Frizlar 9. Volkshalle, Gießen

10. Friedrichsplatz, Kassel 11. Adolf-Hitler-Haus, Kassel 12. Flugplatz Waldau, Kassel

13. Leipziger Strasse, Kassel 14. Fuldabrücke, Kassel 15. Königsstraße, Kassel

16. Karlwiese, Kassel 17. Marktplatz, Limburg an der Lahn 18. Friedhof, Lorsch 19. University, Marburg 20. Bürgerwiese, Marburg

21. Sportplatz, Offenbach

22. Niederwalddenkmal, Rüdesheim

23. Sportplatz, Wiesbaden 24. Adlerhorst, Ziegenberg     


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