Left: Beelitz hospital Centre: Hitler at Beelitz, Hitler is the second man from the right in the back row. Right: Beelitz Heilstätten today (picture: schatzfindernet) BEELITZ Caputh BERNAU The SD-school in Bernau.  More information about the school can be found here. Altstädter Schützenplatz (3) Location: Unknown Hitler spoke to 35.000 people at the Altstädter Schützenplatz in Brandenburg on July 27, 1932. Brandenburg an der Havel A postcard of the Adolf Hitler Lager in Jüterbog  (picture: lexikon-der-wehrmacht) The entrance of the Lager in 1938 (picture: lexikon-der-wehrmacht) The Adolf Hitler Lager near Jüterbog in 1937 (picture: lexikon-der-wehrmacht) Jüterbog The remains of Carinhall. On April 28, 1945, when the Russians came close, the Germans blew up Carinhall. (picture: Van Capelle and Van de Bovenkamp, 2007) Carinhall A salon inside the building Hitler watches Göring ride an electronic horse in the cellar of the building. (picture: Van Capelle and Van de Bovenkamp, 2007) Hitler and Göringleaving the crypt of Göring’s first wife Carin Hitler and Göring outside Carinhall (picture: Van Capelle and Van de Bovenkamp, 2007) Hitler and Göring at the boat house of Carinhall (picture: Van Capelle and Van de Bovenkamp, 2007) Hitler and Göring at the boat house with the Döllnsee behind them (picture: Van Capelle and Van de Bovenkamp, 2007) Another picture on the lakeside near Carinhall (picture: Van Capelle and Van de Bovenkamp, 2007) Rathenau - Rathenow

An old picture of the Babelsberg Studios

(picture: geheugenvannederland.nl)

Inside Babelsberg Studios in 1930

(picture: geheugenvannederland.nl)

The studio grounds in 1928

(picture: copyrights unknown)

The anti semitic movie Jud Süß was made at the Babelsberg Studios

(picture: unknown)

Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels at the Babelsberg Studios on January 15, 1935

(picture: wikipedia)

Lida Baarova, Gustav Frölich and Josef Goebbels at a party at the end of the Olympic Games of 1936

(picture: copyrights unknown)

Hitler in the area of the Spreewald (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann) Spreewald Lübbenau (Spreewald) (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2015) Left: Maybach Siedlung, today Centre: Zeppelin bunker, today Right: Winkel air-rade shelter tower in Wünsdorf


Hitler and Hindenburg near the church on the day of Potsdam (picture: 21-03-1933) A painting of the church made in the 19th century  (picture: copyrights unknown) Hitler in front of the church on the day of Potsdam (picture: wikipedia, Bundesarchiv, 21-03-1933 ) Hitler speaks  inside the church on the day of Potsdam (picture: wikipedia, Bundesarchiv, 21-03-1933) Potsdam

Schloß Cecilienhof in Potsdam

Park Sanssouci (20) Location: Maulbeerallee, Park Sans Souci Today: Still there Hitler and Mussolini visited the park on September 28, 1937. The castle Sans Souci  (picture: the Hiterpages, 2017)

The stadium today

(picture: www.stadionbesuch.de)

The Luftschiffhafen stadium was overcrowded.

Adolf Hitler and Baldur von Schirach at the Reichsjugendtag in Potsdam on October 2nd.

(picture: Axmann, Hitlerjugend)

Schützenplatz (16) Location: Location Schützenplatz unknown On April 22, 1932 Hitler held a speech at the Schützenplatz of Neuruppin. 76.000 people came to listen to him. Neuruppin Oranienburg

A reminder of KZ Oranienburg

(picture: wikipedia)

Goebbels Bogensee estate (pictures: copyrights unknown) It looks like the inside of the house was redecorated in DDR-times. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2015) The right side and the back of the house. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2015) The left side and the front of the house. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2015) In 1950, right next to the Goebbels villa, large buildings of an institute for education of the DDR-youth were built. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2015) Goebbels estate in 2015. The name of the house above the entrance are not longer there. Working men were busy inside the house, but I don’t know what they were working on. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2015) Lanke am Bogensee The stadium in the 30’s (pictures: copyright unknown) The stadium today (picture: wikipedia) The stadium today (picture: wikipedia) Adolf Hitler at the stadium (picture: Fotopolska) Frankfurt am Oder (Germany) Slubice (Poland) Left: Hitler in the stables of the Garnison Centre: the Hindenburg Kaserne in 1935 Right: the same Kaserne today Schützenwiese (11) Location: Probably near the Schützenhaus. Exact location unknown. On May 31, 1931 Hitler held three speeches in Frankfurt/Oder. One of them took place at the Schützenwiese. Hitler spoke to about 16.000 people.

Schützenhaus (11)

Location: Slubice, corner Kosciuszki and Aleja Niepodleglosci

Today: Still there, used as a church

On January 22, 1933 Hitler spoke at the Schützenhaussaal for 1.800 people.

The Schützenhaus has become a church

Harnekop Left: an old drawing of the Schloß (picture: copyright unknown) Above: Hitler at Harnekop castle (picture: Walter Frentz, March 3, 1945)

Speech for the Jagd-squadron Richthofen (6)

Location: Truppenübungsplatz Döberitz/Fliegerschüle Döberitz, east of the Berliner Ring, south of the B5 and the Olympic Village 1936, directly east of the Berliner Chaussee and An Der Breiten Wiese

Today: Döberitzer Heide (nature park). A lot of things remain, like an obelisk of Kaiser Wilhelm II and old barracks on the northeast-side of the area.

During the times of National Socialism this army ground became one of the largest places where pilots of the Wehrmacht were educated. The Kasernen are a part of the old Truppenübungsplatz Döberitz. Hitler was here on March 28, 1935. He held a speech for the Jagdgeschwader (squadron) Richthofen.


An old postcard of the Fliegerschüle Döbertitz (picture: postcard)

Hermann Göring and Adolf Hitler at the Fliegerschüle Döbertitz

(picture: getty images)

Adolf Hitler at the Fliegerschüle Döbertitz in 1935 (pictures: alamy stock photo)

Remains of the Fliegerschüle Döbertitz. Klick on the picture to go to a page with more information about the Truppenübungsplatz. (picture: www.doeberitzer-heide.de)

Some wellknown Hitlerlocations are in Brandenburg, for instance in Potsdam, Lanke am Bogensee (where Goebbels had a house) and Shorfheide (where Görings Carinhall was). Berlin lies in  the centre of Brandenburg, but the city is a state of its own, so it is not a part of the state of Brandenburg.       

1. Beelitz, Heilstätten 2. Bernau, Reichsführerschule 3. Brandenburg an der Havel, Schützenplatz 4. Caputh, Goebbels house 5. Cottbus, Rennbahn 6. Dallgow-Döberitz, Truppenübungsplatz 7. Eberswalde, Smersh-compound 8. Eberswalde, Stadion

9. Kämfende Amazone 10. Slubice, Ostmark-stadiooon 11. Slubice, Schützenhaussaal

11a. Frankfurt am Oder, Hindenburg-Kaserne 12. Fürstenberg an der Havel 13. Harnekop, Schloß Harnekop 14. Jüterbog, Truppenübungsplatz  14a. Kummersdorf Experimental Station 15. Lanke am Bogensee 16. Neuruppin, Schützenplatz 17. KZ Oranienburg 18. Potsdam, Garnisonkirche

19. Potsdam, Schloß Cecilienhof 20. Potsdam, Sanssouci 21. Potsdam, Stadion Luftschiffhafen 21a. UFA Film Studios 22. Rathenau, Smersh compound 23. Schorfheide, Carinhall

24. Spreewald 26. Zossen


Grotere kaart weergeven
Eberswalde The small stadium of Eberswalde (picture: copyright unknown) Stills from the movie of Hitler’s speech in Eberswalde in 1932 (pictures: movie on YouTube) Carinhall before it was ruïned (Pictures: copyrights unknown) The Kämfende Amazone in Eberswalde used to be in Carinhall. (picture:wikipedia) This picture is said to have been taken at the Station in Kümmersdorf in 1939. Hitler was looking at a rocket test. (picture: V2rocket.com) Kümmersdorf-Gut (near Schönefeld)




A visualisation of the church  (picture: Potsdam.Damals-Heute.de) The new castle (picture: copyrights unknown) The castle Sans Souci  (picture: the Hiterpages, 2017)