Left: The café is a pizzeria now, but from the outside it still looks the same. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2010) The Osteria Italiana  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Adolf Hitler inside the Osteria Bavaria Hitler leaving the Osteria Bavaria Behind the Osteria Bavaria The Osteria Italiana  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) The Osteria Italiana  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) Schelling Salon (4) Location: Schellingstrasse 56 Today: Still there Bar/restaurant very near to the Osteria Italiana. Hitler came here often to eat, but, as some sources say, when the owner cut his budget he didn’t go there anymore. The Schelling Salon  (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006 & 2012) Left: Café Heck Centre: the hofgarten, behind the building  (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Right: the back of the building (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Left: the bars around the Hofgarten (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2010)  Centre, above: Hitler at the hofgarten  Centre, below and right: the Hofgarten in the summer of 2010 (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2010) Inside the original Carlton Teeraum The new building of the Carlton Teeraum. The numbering of the Briennerstrasse has completely changed. (pictures: the Hitler'spages, 2012) OTHER BARS AND RESTAURANTS Restaurant Allotria (8) Location: Türkenstrasse 33 Today: There used to be a jazzclub there; Café Puck is located here now. In 1922 Hitler spoke at the Allotria once. The location of the restaurant Allotria today (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012) Restaurant Adelmann (9) Location: Hernnstrasse 36 Today: Torn down about 1960 to widen the streets (Altstadtring) In 1921 Hitler held three speeches at the restaurant Adelmann. Friedenheimer Garten (11) Location: Landsberger Strasse 96 Today: Not longer there In 1928 Hitler held one speech at the Friedenheimer Garten. Gasthaus Deutsche Eiche (12) Location: Reichenbachstrasse 13 Today: Still there In 1926 Hitler held six speeches here. In 1929 he was here again for one speech. An old picture of Gasthaus Deutsche Eiche (picture: copyright unknown) Gasthaus Zum Goldenen Hirschen (13) Location: Türkenstrasse 28 Today: The entrance to the backbuildings might still be there. The Gasthaus has gone. In 1930 Hitler held a speech here. Gasthaus Zum Hirschen (14) Location: Sollnerstrasse 43 Today: unknown In 1929 Hitler held a speech here. Hotel Wagner and the Wagnersaal (picture: postcard) A beer card of Hotel Wagner  (picture: source unknown) Restaurant Liebherr (16) Location: Thierschstrasse 14 Today: If the number’s still te same, this must be the original building. In 1921 Hitler held a speech here. Waldwirtschaft Alt-Stadelheim (17) Location: Schwanseeplatz 8 Today: It seems it doesn’t exist anymore. In 1930 Hitler held a speech here. Café Grossenwahn (18) Location: Lothringerstrasse 11 Today: Restaurant VIVO Hitler used to visit this café. (source: Machtan, 2001) It is said café Stephanie was called café Grossenwahn too.

Karlstor, Munich, 1937 or 1938. On the right side, in the building with the small tower, is the Café Fahrig. The name of the café is right next to the tower. Thanks goes out to Alan Wilkinson for this great original, historical picture.

(picture: Ezra J. Unruh, 1937 or 1938. Copyright 2013 Alan Wilkinson, All Rights Reserved. Published with permission.)

The building where Café Fahrig was located is still there. Notice the changed top of the tower and the disappeared ornaments. The building was probably rebuilt after the war. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2010)

Café Restaurant Viktoria (drawing: postcard) Café Restaurant Viktoria on the inside (picture: postcard) Gasthaus Belvedere Location: Rumfordstrasse 17 Today: If the numbering is still right, the Jazzbar Vogler is located here now. On December 3, 1922 Hitler held a speech at the Gasthaus Belvedere. Gasthaus Grosser Wirt Location: Rosenheimer Strasse 221 Today: Unsure. There is a Gasthaus now called Alten Wirt. It has a different address. On December 13, 1922 Hitler held a speech at Gasthaus Grosser Wirt. Gasthaus Prinz Alfons Location: Alfonsstrasse 7 Today: Ristorante Ischia is located at this address On March 20, 1923 Hitler held a speech at Gasthaus Prinz Alfons on the Alfonsstrasse. Gasthaus Gern Location: Maybe part of the Gernerbräu (Dantestrasse 33) or the Gernerbrauerei (Klugstrasse 21) In 1929 Hitler held a speech here. Gasthaus Zum Koch Location: Unknown In 1926 Hitler held two speeches here. Gaststätte St. Margareth Location: Daiserstrasse 11 Today: Bike store In 1926 Hitler held a speech here.

A picture of Wiener Café Stefanie in 1905

The new building on the Amalienstrasse

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

A postcard showing the inside of the café

Gaststätte Gärtnerplatz Location: Gärtnerplatz 5, near the NSDAP headquarters on the Corneliusstrasse 12. Today: Bank After November 1, 1921 Hitler used to come to the Gastsätte Gärtnerplatz to eat. HITLER’S FAVOURITE  BARS AND RESTAURANTS MüNCHEN

München, bars and restaurants weergeven op een grotere kaart




Gasthaus Zum Goldenen Hirschen  (picture: Stadtarchiv München, DE-1992-FS-HB-XXIII-327) Behind the Gasthaus were several buildings (for instance the theatre ‘Die Elf Scharfrichter’. (picture: Bühne und Brettl 4, 1903) Café Rathaus Location: Unknown After the First World War Adolf Hitler used to visit this café. (source: Machtan, 2001)