Hitler's home in the 20’s.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006)

These pictures show the house today. It has changed a lot, but it’s the same house.  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) The appartment of Hitler is on the second floor. It’s the second balcony on the left picture. The woman in the picture on the right is Geli Raubal. Underneath it is a picture of Hitler’s study area.  (pictures left and centre: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Hitler in one of the windows of the apartment Neville Chamberlain, Adolf Hitler and interpreter Paul Schmidt are inside Hitler’s apartment. (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann)  In the background of both pictures is Hitler’s library.

Türkenkaserne (5)

Location: Türkenstrasse, in front of the Pinakothek der Moderne

Today: Only the gate, the so called Türkentor, is still there.

Hitler received his militairy training here. On October 8, 1914 a ceremonial farewell of Hitler’s regiment took place at the Türkenkaserne,  with the king present. Hitler must have been there too.

The second batallion of the List regiment at the Türkenkaserne before the war

(picture: Solleder, 1932)

The Kasernenhof Leibregiment.

Was this the same location as the Türkenkaserne?

(picture: Solleder, 1932)

The Türkentor is the only reminder of the militairy grounds that were here. (picture: the hItlerpages, 2012)

WW1 barracks - Karl-Liebknecht-Kaserne - Adolf-Hitler-Kaserne (6)

Location: Lothstrasse 29

Today: Only a few buildings and a fence are left of this former military complex.

The barracks where Hitler lived after WWI (from about April 5, 1919 until 1920) stood here. After 1934 the Kaserne was called the Adolf-Hitler-Kaserne.

Some of the buildings are still recognizable.

(picture: the Hitlepages, 2012)

The Adolf-Hitler-Kaserne

This fence looks like it belonged to the old Kaserne.

(picture: the Hitlepages, 2012)

Elisabethschule (4) Location: Elisabethplatz 4 Today: Volks- und Gewerbeschule (tradingschool) In 1914 Hitler was here to be prepared for WWI.

The Elisabethschule in München

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)


The coloured photo’s show the Delpstrasse today (pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2006) Above: Eva Braun leaves the gate of the house Underneath: The living room of Eva Braun, the left and right picture are probably from Braun’s room at the Obersalzberg

Eva Braun in the garden of the house on the Wasserburgerstrasse

These three pictures from Life Magazine in 1945 show the house,  the living room and another room (Gretl or Eva’s room)

The villa was taken down in 2015 after a discussion

about its conservation (picture: thanks to KJ)

Eva Braun and her sister Gretl lived here for a short period.

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006)

The young Eva Braun at her parents apartment on the Hohen-zollernstrasse (pictures: Het verloren leven van Eva Braun, 2006) The apartment of the Braun family was on the third floor. (In Europe the ground flour is not counted.)  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) In May 2012 the house where the Braun family once lived was being renovated.  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) The Tengstrasse. Somewhere in this street was the school of Eva Braun. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) EVA BRAUN’S HOMES Isabellastrasse 45 today (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006) HOUSES OF HITLER   AND HIS FRIENDS MüNCHEN

München, Houses of Hitler and Braun weergeven op een grotere kaart
Inside Hoffmann’s house in 1929 (picture: Volker Ullrich, Adolf Hitler, Biografie) Schellingstrasse 33 (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006)

Fotoatelier Hoffmann (12)

Location 1: Schellingstrasse 33

Today: Renovated apartments

Heinrich Hoffmann was the  photographer of Hitler. In 1909 he bought a small atelier here on Schellingstrasse 33. Adolf Hitler came to Hoffmann’s different ateliers and offices very often before 1933. Heinrich Hoffman’s shop, ateliers and offices in München changed several times. Henriette was the daughter of Heinrich. She married Baldur von Schirach, a leader of the Hitler Jugend and later Gauleiter of Wien.

The Burghausenerstrasse 6 today (picture made for the Hitlerpages by a helpfull source from München)

The Königinstrasse in München

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

Pension Klein today. (picture: Leif Stjerna, 2016)

Left: The Königinstrasse

Right: The Englisher Garten

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

 The new building at Königinstrasse 15: the location  from where the guard saw Unity Mitford walk into the park.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The area of the Englisher Garten in front of Königinstrasse 15.

Somewhere in this area Unity Mitford shot herself.

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

 Maybe Unity came from her pension at the Kaulbachstrasse, the street where this picture was taken. In the back of the picture is the building on the Königinstrasse.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

 The Königinstrasse, with

number 15 on the left.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

 The Englisher Garten right in fornt of Königinstrasse 15, the location where the guard was standing.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

At the end of the Gentzstrasse is the back of the Elisabethschule, where Hitler was stationed for a while in 1914.

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The house on Gentzstrasse 1 has been replaced.

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

Villa Hanfstaengl (24) Location: Liebigstraße 30 (Liebigstraße corner Widenmayerstraße)  Today: Unknown This was the location of the villa of the family of Putzi Hanfstaengl, where Hitler is said to have been sevaral times.

 The Kaulbachstrasse in München. Unity Mitford lived somewhere on this street.

  (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The former house of the family Bruckman

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

Westfriedhof (21) Location: Baldurstrasse, exact location grave unknown Today: Still there The grave of Ernst Röhm is on this graveyard. Practice of Dr. Wilhelm Gutberlet (22) Location: Kaufingerstrasse 3 (Marienplatz) Today: Galeria Kaufhof Already in the beginning of his political life Hitler came here to have his voice checked.

The Marienplatz was bombed during the war. In the area where the practice of Gutberlet must have been, there’s a Galeria Kaufhof now (a large shopping mall). (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The Rindermarkt in München

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

An old tower reminds of the past. The rest of the area around number 8 is modernised. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

Villa of Carola Hoffmann/ Informal headquarters of the party Location: Solln (part of München today), exact location unknown Carola Hoffmann was the widow of a professor of the university of Munich. Hitler visited her several times. House of Theodor Lauböck Location: Unknown On December 25, 1922 Adolf Hitler spent christmas with Theodor Löbeck and his wife and Eugenie Haug at the house of Theodor Lauböck in München. Fotoshop Hoffmann (14) Location 3: Barer Strasse, near number 8  (Look here, at the map of the Königsplatz) Today: The building of the Hoffmann shop has gone. Heinrich Hoffmann also had a shop on the Barer Strasse. Eva Braun at the Hoffmann office at the Amalienstrasse, in the early 30’s (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann) This is Amalienstrasse 25 today. The Hoffmann office could have been here, but since a crossing has four corners, I’m not sure. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) Café Stefanie. Hoffmann’s office was located above the café. (picture: copyright unknown) Inside Café Stefanie (postcard: copyright unknown) This picture was taken from the window of Photohaus Hoffmann.  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann) HOUSES OF HITLER’S FRIENDS (and some other locations)

Heinrich Hoffmann’s House (11a)

Location: Ebersbergerstrasse 5

Today: Still there

Heinrich Hoffmann was Adolf Hitler’s most important photographer. He lived at this house in München and he had offices and shops at several locations in München too.

The house where Heinrich Hoffmann used to live

(picture: wikipedia)

Heinrich Hoffmann’s House (11b)

Location: Schraudolphstrasse 13b (The original house had the address of Schnorrstrasse 9.)

Today: Bombed. There are new houses there.

In the twenties Heinrich Hoffmann lived at a house in the Schnorrstrasse.




A plan of Hitlers apartment from 1935.

1. Hitler’s bedroom 2. Bathroom

3. Guest room, possibly Geli Raubal’s room 4. Hall 5. Stairway

6. Cloak room and servant’s room

 7. Kitchen 8. Stairway 9. Forecourt 10. Bathroom 11. Dining room 12.Study and work area 13. Living room 14. Library (with an entry from the living room 15. Room 16. Geli Raubal’s room (very likely)    

(plan: made by the Hitlerpages, 2016 after Geoff Walden’s interpretation of a 1935 map (Hugo Schühle))