Architect Troost with a model of the Königsplatz. On the right an arial view of the Königsplatz with the Ehrentempels still in tact. The Führerbau from the side (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) The building has two identical entrances  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) The right frontdoor  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) The ceiling and the balcony on the top floor of one of the entrancehalls  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Left and centre: The stairs in the Führerbau. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006)  Right: The window of Hitler's office. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2010) Old pictures of the inside of the Führerbau. Adolf Hitler’s working room Left: Hitler inside the Führerbau. Right: An old picture of the building, with one of the Ehrentemples in front of it. The staircase in the entrancehalls (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Above and centre: the Adminstration Building from the side of the Führerbau  (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006) The ceiling outside, above the frontdoor (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Above, left and right: the entrancehall  (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006) The red stairs are made of the same material as the stairs in the Führer-bau (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) The cellar of the building. There must be a tunnel between the Administration building and Führerbau.  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) This old picture of the building shows the eagles on the wall and the Ehrentempels, that have dissapeared now. Left: The foundation of das Braune Haus with the Führerbau right behind it.  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006) Right: An old picture of Das Braune  Haus Hitler and Troost looking at the plans to rebuilt the Palais Barlow into a NSDAP-party building The Kartotheeksaal of  das Braune Haus Left: Das Braune Haus behind one of the Ehrentempels. On the left side of the picture you can see a part of the Führerbau Das Braune Haus had a bust of Dietrich Eckart inside Hitler in his working room in  das Braune Haus Hitler looking at the renovation of the building Hitler in front of the buidling in 1938 The ruïns of the building after the war The foundation of das Braune Haus. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006)

In 2012 the NS-Dokumentationszentrum München was built on the grounds of das Braune Haus. These pictures show the building site. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The new NS-Dokumentationszentrum München is located where das Braune Haus used to be.

(pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016)

Glyptothek (6) Location: Königsplatz Today: Still there Hitler must have been in the Glyptothek several times. He held a speech there in 1938. The Glyptothek today (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012) Both pictures above: The Glyptothek in November 1938. Hitler arrives at the Königsplatz and watches the parade to remember the putsch of 1923. Hitler inside the Glyptothek KöNIGSPLATZ AND  IMPORTANT BUILDINGS MüNCHEN

München, Königsplatz & Other Locations weergeven op een grotere kaart

The stairs that Hitler climbed a long time ago.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

OTHER IMPORTANT BUILDINGS AND LOCATIONS The Haus der Deutsche Kunst with on  the outside ceiling the swastika-motives In the middle a picture of Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer inspecting the building (all coloured pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2006) On these pictures, taken from a documentary, Hitler is seen at the Haus der Deutshe Kunst at the occasion of the Tag der Deutsche Kunst. On the picture in the centre you can see the Prinz-Carl-Palais in the back.

The same entrance of the building as the one on the picture above it with the guards in front of it.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

In 1924 the Prinz-Carl-Palais became the official residence of the Bavarian minister-president. The nazi’s turned it into a guesthouse. In 1968 it got its pre-war function back.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The Haus der Kunst

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The hotel today (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2006)

Eva Brown and her family inside the Hotel. From left to right: Grelt Braun, Eva’s mother, unknown, Eva Braun

The old cityhall of München today (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2010)

 Adolf Hitler and Unity Valkery Mitford in the Englischer Garten in 1937

(picture: Ullstein Bild, 1937)

 The Englischer Garten today

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

 The Englischer Garten today

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

Karlsplatz (Stachus) (15) Location: Karlsplatz Today: The Karlstor is still there. A picture shows Hitler being driven to the Hauptbahnhof in München.

Left: Hitler in his car in front of the Karlstor, heading for the station. Centre: The Karlstor today, from the other side. The picture below it shows the Karlsplatz. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2010) Right: This old picture, dating 1902, shows the gate (in the centre) and the buildings around it. (picture: 1902, copyright expired,

The theater on the Gärtner Platz

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The entrance of theater on the Gärtner Platz

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The Künstlerhaus today.

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2010)

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (18) Location: Ludwigstrasse 15 Today: Still there, the building and collection were severely damaged during bombings in 1943. It is said, for exemple by Hitler's landlady Frau Popp, that Hitler came here often to read. The main Staatsbibliothek  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012) One of the men in the crowd is Adolf Hitler.  (picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936) The Lenbachplatz, near the Wittelsbacher Brunne: the location where the crowd was standing  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2010) Armeemuseum (12) Location: Hofgarten, eastern side; Franz-Josef-Strauß-Ring Today: Staatskanzlei, partly gone, renovations were ready in 1993 Hitler was here on June 21, 1942, on occasion of the death of NSKK-leader Adolf Hühnlein.

A postcard of the Armeemuseum (picture: 1918, copyright expired)

A postcard of the old Hauptbahnhof

(source: wikipedia)

The old Hauptbahnhof


The new Hauptbahnhof

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2010)

This picture was mistakenly presented as a picture of Hitler as a station guard. Instead of that it is probably a picture made in France. The paper that’s in the centre is Le Journal, a French newspaper.

(picture: Plöckinger, 2013)

Hitler in front of the post building  

(picture: München, Hauptstadt de Bewegung, 2006)

The post building and the square with the station on the right of the picture.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The building and the square are still there, but the area has completely changed.

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

A publication of the DAP-Party program, with below the 25 points the adress of the (NSDAP-) headquarters: Corneliusstrasse 12.  (copyright picture unknown) Fröttmaninger Heide (22) Location: München-north Today: The park is still there.  Adolf Hitler is present at a military training of the ‘Kampfverbände’ on the Fröttmaninger Heide. The SA-men after having ruïned the office of the Münchener Post  (picture: Dokumentationszentrum München, 9 March 1933) Altheimer Eck 13 today  (picture: Wikipedia, 2011)

Tailor Michael Werner

Location: Herzog Wilhelmstrasse 47

Today: On the address that has this number now is a modern building with a shop on street level.

The tailor of Hitler’s civilian clothes had his shop at the Herzog Wilhelmstrasse.

A bill of tailor Michael Werner for Herr A. Hitler, München, dated 28

december 1931

(picture: Bundesarchiv)




The facade of the palais Porcia has been renovated

(pictures: wikipedia)