Führerhauptquartier Wehrwolf, 20 September 1942: birthday of adjudant Nicolaus von Below Wehrwolf, August 1942 The Führerhauptquartier in Vinnitsa

Hitler at the FHQ Wehrwolf

Hitler's working room inside the Führerbarrack (picture: Misch, 2008) The Wehrwolf barrack  (picture: Misch, 2008)

Hitler inspecting the Wehrwolf swimming pool. Below: The swimming pool today.


Mika Rautio from Finland send us these pictures that give a good idea of what the Wehrwolf area looks like today. The first two pictures show the houses that are opposite to the woods of the FHQ in Vinnitsa.

On a Ukrainian website I found a model of the FHQ Wehrwolf. Since August 2010 there seems to be a museum Wehrwolf in Vinnitsa.

Hitler had one of his important FHQ’s in the Ukraine: the Führerhauptquartier Wehrwolf. He also did some front visits in the Ukraine, one of them together with Mussolini.

1. FHQ Wehrwolf

2. Airfield Poltava

3. Airfield Uman

4. Airfield Zaporozje

5. Monastery, Berdychiv

6. Brest Fortress, Brest (Belarus)


Ukraine weergeven op een grotere kaart



Feldflugplatz Berdychiv Location: Unknown On August 6, 1941 Adolf Hitler travelled from the Wolfsschanze to Berdychiv. He landed at and departed from a ‘Feldflugplatz’ (an airfield in the open field) in the region. From there he was driven to the city. After Adolf Hitler had landed he was welcomed by Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt.  (pictures: Bildarchiv Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Hoff37501, Hoff37499, Hoff37500) Von Rundstedt also welcomed Ion Antonescu at the airfield. Antonescu was going to meet with Hitler on that day. (picture: Bildarchiv Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Hoff37495) This picture has also been taken by the German soldier. Hitler’s plane is leaving. Hitler is behind the third side window of the plane from the front.  (pictures: A. Brackenhammer, 1941) These Heinrich Hoffmann pictures show the same scene as the picture of the German soldier.  (pictures: Bildarchiv Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Hoff37486, Hoff37487, Hoff37488, Hoff37489, Hoff37503, Hoff37504) Route to Berdychiv Route: Unknown After arriving at the airfield on August 6, 1941 Adolf Hitler took the car to Berdychiv. Two Heinrich Hoffmann pictures of the city of Berdychiv  (pictures: Bildarchiv Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Hoff37490, Hoff37492) Members of Hitler’s staff, waiting outside a building. This could be the building where the army headquarters were located, but I’m not sure. The men on the picture could also be facing it. (picture: Bildarchiv Bayerische Staatbibliothek, Hoff37484) Another picture of Adolf Hitler and Ion Antonescu  during the meeting Another picture of the same room (compare the ceiling and the map on the wall). It’s been made in August 1941 at the Wolfsschanze. This time Mussolini is present.   (picture: Walter Frentz, August 25, 1942) Hitler, Rundstedt, Schmidt and Keitel (among others) are leaving the building. (picture: Bildarchiv Bayerische Staatbibliothek, Hoff37497) Hitler meets with Roman Kathlolic sisters outside the same building. (picture: Bildarchiv Bayerische Staatbibliothek, Hoff37483)



The Brest Fortress before the war

(picture: wikipedia)

The Brest Fortress today

(picture: wikipedia)

Generalfeldmarschall von Manstein greeting Hitler on the local airfield in February, 1943


Poltava, 1 June 1942



Hitler and Mussolini at Uman Airport