Hitler talked to Mannerheim in Mannersheim private train. These pictures show Hitler and others on the way to the train. The last picture was made inside the coach. (pictures: www.turunsanomat.fi) The other coach of Marshall Mannerheim today (picture: unknown) MIKKELI FINLAND The car that came to pick Hitler up was the car of president Ryti.  (picture: unkown, 1942) Hitler at the airbase of Immola  (picture: unkown, 1942) Hitler was driven to the woods nearby, where Mannerheim’s train was waiting. (picture: unkown, 1942) IMMOLA

Hitler was in Finland for only one time. He met with the Finish Marshall Mannerheim in Mannerheim’s trainwagon. Hitler had landed at Immola airport nearby.

 1. Immola Airbase

2. Railroad track near Immola

3. Mannerheim’s coach, Mikkeli        

Finland weergeven op een grotere kaart





 Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, Adolf Hitler and Risto Heikki Ryti walking along the track, near the Mannerheim train. (picture: unknown, 1942)

Hitler and Mannerheim in front of a car near the track

(picture: unknown, 1942)

The coach where president Ryti, marshall Mannerheim and Adolf Hitler met is in Sastamala. (picture: Iikka Siissalo) SASTAMALA

Inside the train wagon

(picture: unknown, 1942)

Mannerheim in front of his wagon

(picture: unknown)

The inside of the Mannerheim wagon (picture: Iikka Siissalo) Two pictures of the meeting  (picture: unknown, 1942)