PARCHIM Hotel Graf Moltke Location: Blutstrasse 16 Today: The front of the building has changed, but it looks like it is still the same building. It houses the Mecklenburgisches Landestheater now. Hitler held a speech at the hotel Graf Moltke on June 2, 1926.

An old postcard of the hotel Graf Moltke

LUDWIGSLUST Schützenhaus (6) Location: Unknown Hitler was in Ludwigslust for a speech at the Schützenhaus on October 1927. Bad Doberan was the first city that made Adolf Hitler it’s honorary citizen in August 1932. In 2007 the city took this honour away from Hitler. Heiligendamm is a part of to Bad Doberan. Hitler was there on holiday twice. BAD DOBERAN(2) BARTH HEILIGENDAMM (BAD DOBERAN)

Hitler and Goebbels on the beach in Heiligendamm

(picture: Bundesarchiv, 1933: ‘Der Führer mit Dr. Goebbels und dessen Töchterchen in Heiligendamm.’)

Turnierplatz (4) Location: Unknown On June 2, 1932 Hitler spoke at the Turnierplatz in Güstrow. There were 30.000 people present. GÜSTROW Halle of the Autowerkstatt Eulitz (1) Location: Unknown Hitler spoke at this location in Anklam on October 25, 1932 for 10.000 people. ANKLAM

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern weergeven op een grotere kaart

When World War 1 had  almost ended, Adolf Hitler was taken to a hospital in Pasewalk, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. That’s why Pasewalk is one of the most wellknown places in this state when it comes to Hitler. Another famous location is the uge building Prora on the island of Rügen. Although I haven’t found any proof of Hitler being there, it’s an important nazi leftover.     

1. Anklam 2. Bad Doberan 3. Barth

4. Güstrow 5. Heiligendamm

6. Ludwigslust 7. Parchim

8. Pasewalk 9. Rechlin

10. Rügen 11. Rennbahn Rostock

12. Machinenhalle, Rostock

13. Alte Friedhof, Schwerin

14. Stadthalle, Schwerin

15. Nordische Hof, Schwerin

16. Flugplatz, Schwerin

17. Gutshaus Severin 18. Stolpe

19. Stralsund 20. Waren

21. Wismar

22. Peenemünde

MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN ROSTOCK Tonhalle Location: Unsure, maybe Mühlenstrasse 17 or Brandestrasse Hitler held a speech in the Tonhalle on June 2, 1926. Stadthalle (14) Location: Not sure. A possible location is the Sport- und Kongreshalle on the Wittenburgerstrasse 118. On May  2, 1926 Hitler held a speech in Schwerin at this location. On October 26, 1932 he spoke there again.

Adolf Hitler and Gauleiter Hildebrandt somewhere before 1933 in Schwerin

(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936)

Nordische Hof (15) Location: Schloßstrasse 9-11 Today: Finanzministerium On June 5, 1926 Hitler held a speech at the Nordische Hof. Flugplatz Schwerin-Görries (16) Location: Between the Feldweg and the Chaussee to Schwerin. The Handelsstraße lies around it. Today: Industrial area with the same name On June 3, 1932 Hitler spoke to 40.000 people on the Flugplatz Schwerin-Görries. Schützenhaus (21) Location: Unknown On October 8, 1925 Hitler held a speech at the Schützenhaus in Wismar. WISMAR Jahnplatz Location: Not sure. There’s a Jahnstrasse in Wismar, but I couldn’t find the Jahnplatz. On May 23, 1932 Hitler held a speech on the Jahnplatz for 40.000 people. SEVERIN The marriage of Magda and Joseph Goebbels. Hitler is behind them. STOLPE

Bormanns Stolpe Estate (18)
Location: Near a pond. The only pond in Stolpe today is on the southside of the vilage.

Today: The estate was ruined after the war.
Bormann was the owner of an estate near Stolpe. Hitler and Eva Braun are said to have been there.






Location: Near the Schützenstrasse/Brölliner Chausssee

Today: There still is a Schützenstrasse in Pasewalk.

On October 25, 1932 Hitler spoke to 6.000 people at the Schützenpark.

PASEWALK The Schützenhaus in 1914 In front of the Weihestätte was a war monument A postcard of the lazaret with pictures of Hitler in 1918 and 1932 The lazaret This Weihestätte was built between 1934 and 1937 A postcard of the Weihestätte Inside the Weihestätte (picture: Hortsmann, 2004) The Schützenhaus and the barracks where Hitler was treated  (picture: Hortsmann, 2004)

The Pasewalk lazaret area. On the map on the left, it’s near the green area. The picture in the centre shows the location where the lazaret probably stood and the picture on the right is a sports-hut on the site of the lazaret.

(map and pictures:

The Brölliner Chaussee. Hitlers barracks were on the left side of the street, behind the trees. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2015)