During election campagnes Adolf Hitler visited almost every important city of Germany. Information about Hitler related locations in several German states can be found on the page of the right Bundesland. The website gives a short version of the story behind a visit of Adolf Hitler.

There is still a lot more to find out, especialy parts of the country like former eastern Germany. There are many more interesting WW2 locations in Germany: many places have been bombed, almost every region had it’s own concentration camp and the NSDAP and all other nazi organisations were everywhere. Because we can’t publish everything, we try to restrict ourselves as much as we can to the original project. Other websites tell more about WW2 in general.

Der Führer über Deutschland

Hitler used a plane to get to all regions of Germany fast during his election campagnes. For the first Deutschlandflug in 1932 (Der Führer über Deutschland) they used a rented plane. Hitler held 20 speeches in less than a week, for over a million people. The second Deutschlandflug took place between 16 and 24 of April of 1932. Hitler held 25 speeches, this time not only in the cities but also in the province. The third Deutschlandflug also took place in 1932. Hitler visited 53 places. And the fourth one took place

between October 11 and November 5, 1932. Hitler held 50 speeches, sometimes three a day.