Ansbach Meeting with Jozef Stolzing-Cerny Location: Unknown On September 3, 1925 Hitler met with Jozef Stolzing-Cerny somewhere in Ansbach. If you know more about this meeting or the location of the meeting, please send an e-mail. Ainring

Reichsflugplatz Ainring

Augsburg Café Maximilian (4, 5) Location: There’s a Café Max at the Maximilianstrasse 67 (4) and a Hotel Maximilian on the Berliner Allee 51 (5). Today: Not sure Hitler held a speech in Café Maximilian on 12 January 1921.

Hitler inside the factory of the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke

(picture: © 2005 NDR)

From left to right: The Stadttheater before the renovation of 1938/39; the theater after the renovation of 1938/39; the theater today. (pictures: copyright unknown)

The station today

(picture: wikipedia)

Hitler in front of the station

(picture: Sammlung Häusler)

The Vökischer Beobachter of December 25, 1920, right after the nazi’s bought the paper


Amberg Stadthalle (1) Location: Stadttheater Amberg, Schrannenplatz 8 Today: The inside changed very much in the 70’s. Hitler held a speech at the Stadthalle in Amberg on January 29, 1928. BAYERN 2 & 3

Bayern is the German state where Hitler's political activities started. When Hitler came to Germany he lived in the capitol of Bayern, München. His first speeches in the 20’s mostly took place in Bayern. On this page (and the Bayern 2 & 3 pages) you’ll find all locations in Bayern I could find so far, except for the ones in München, Nürnberg and the Obersalzberg area. They have a page of their own.      

1. Stadthalle, Amberg 2. Onoldia Saal, Ansbach 3. Reichsflugplatz Ainring 4.+ 5. Café Maximilian, Augsburg 6. Bayerische Flugzeugwerke, Augsburg 6a. Stadttheater, Augsburg 6b. Station, Augsburg 7. Sängerhalle and Ludwigsbau, Augsburg 7a. Hotel Bube, Bad Berneck 7b. Bad Feilnbach 8. Bad Reichenhall 9. Bad Tölz 10. Hotel Hanselbauer, Bad Wiessee 11. Luitpoldsälen, Bamberg 12. Große Zentralsaal, Bamberg 13. Gasthof Zum Stöhren, Bamberg 14. Festspielhaus, Bayreuth 15. Villa Wahnfried & Siegfriedhaus, Bayreuth 15a. Wagner’s grave, Bayreuth 15b. Hotel Anker, Bayreuth 15c. Richard-Wagner-Strasse, Bayreuth 15d. Bahnhof, Bayreuth 15e. Spitalskirche, Bayreuth 15f. Schloßplatz, Bayreuth 15g. Markgräfliche Reithalle, Bayreuth 15h. House Chamberlain, Bayreuth

Bayern 1 weergeven op een grotere kaart

15i. Hotel Zur Post, Bayreuth 15j. Villa Bechstein/Bayerlein, Bayreuth 15k. Eremitage, Bayreuth 15m. Villa Fritz Böhner, Bayreuth 15l. Restaurant Eule, Bayreuth 15n. Stadtfriedhof, Bayreuth 15-2 Gasthof Zur Behringersmühle 16. Bernau 17. Burg Hoheneck 18. Lambacher Hof, Chiemsee 19. Schloß Herrenchiemsee, Chiemsee 20. Autobahn Rasthaus Chiemsee 21. Hofbräuhaus, Coburg 22. Veste Coburg 22a. Schloßplatz, Coburg 23. Bahnhof, Coburg 23a. Stadtfriedhof, Coburg 24. Alte Schützenhaus, Coburg 25. Rathaus Coburg 25a. Sportplatz, Coburg 26. Dingolfing 27. Donauhalle, Donauwörth 28. Zur Uberfahrt, Egern 29. Exerzierhalle, Eichstätt 30. Waldschlösschen, Eichstätt 31. Pleinfelder Tor, Ellingen 32. Turnhalle, Erbendorf 33. Kolosseum, Erlangen 34. Essfeld/Giebelstadt

Go to Bayern 2 for number 35 - 77.

BAYERN Bad Berneck

Hitler in front of Hotel Bube

(picture: copyright unknown)

Another picture of Hitler in front of the hotel

(picture: copyright unknown)

A picture of Hotel Bube from an old postcard (picture: postcard)




Bad Tölz Schaftlerbräu (9) Location: Unknown Today: Brauerei Oberland (Tölzer Biere) On September 10, 1922 Hitler held a speech at the Schaftlerbräu. Speech Location: Unknown On July 6, 1932 Hitler spoke in Bad Tölz. The exact location of the speech is unknown. Bad Wiessee Hotel Hanselbauer (10) Location: Bodenschneidstrasse 9-11 Today: Hotel Lederer am See Hitler himself arrested Ernst Röhm in this hotel on the 30th of June 1934.

Meeting of SA- and SS-leaders (8)

Location: Unknown

On July 2, 1933 Hitler spoke at a meeting of SA- and SS-leaders in Bad Reichenhall.

Bad Reichenhall Jubilee Alban Schachleier (7b) Location: Unknown, Feilnbach is a place near Rosenheim. On the 50th proffesional anniversary of Alban Schachleiters (Benediktiner Abt) Hitler was in Feilnbach to personally congratulate Schachleiter. Bad Feilnbach Bamberg Luitpoldsälen (11) Location: Luitpoldstrasse/Luitpoldeck Today: Not exactly sure On October 7, 1923 Hitler held a speech in the Luitpoldsälen in Bamberg. Gasthof Zum Stöhren (13) Location: Oberer Stephansberg 11 (Stöhrenkeller) Today: The building falls under the so called Denkmalschutzgesetz. On February 14, 1926 Hitler held a speech at the Gasthof Zum Stöhren. The Festspielhaus under construction The inside of the Festspielhaus

Adolf Hitler and Winifred Wagner near the Festspielhaus during the Festspiele of 1933 (Hamann, 2002)

Adolf Hitler and Josef Stolzing-Cerny near the Festspielhaus during the Festspiele of 1925 (Hamann, 2002)

On the Festspielhaus-Bühne: Adolf Hitler congratulates the actors of Lohengrin, probably in 1936.

(Hamann, 2002)

Inside the Festspielhaus: Winifred Wagner, Adolf Hitler, Verena Wagner and Wilhelm Furtwängler, probably in 1936. (Hamann, 2002)

Walking towards the Festspielhaus in 1939. (Hamann, 2002)

Near the Festspielhaus in 1939.

(Hamann, 2002)

Crowds gathered to see Hitler at the Festspielhaus in 1940. (Hamann, 2002)

Bernau (Chiemsee) Speech (16) Location: Unknown On May 28, 1921 Hitler was in Bernau for a speech. Chiemsee Two pictures of Hitler in front of the Lambacher Hof The lambacher Hof in 1985 Hitler, Goebbels and Raubal in the garden of the gasthof The Lambacher Hof Hitler's cars in front of the Lambacher Hof Near the Lambacher Hof An old postcard showing hotel the inside of the Lambacher Hof Hitler with his WW1 friend Ernst Schmidt in the Chiemsee area. Exact location unknown.

Schloß Herrenchiemsee from the air

An old picture of the castle

Hitler inside the castle

The hall

In front of the castle

Prien am Chiemsee, NSDAP Conference Location: Unknown On August 11, 1932 Hitler was at a conference of party-leaders in Prien.

The Rasthaus as seen from the lake

(picture: copyright unknown)

The Rasthaus from the air

(picture: copyright unknown)

Hitler on the Chiemsee. It looks like the Rasthaus is behind him.

(picture: copyright unknown)

The Rasthaus, on the lakeside (picture: given to the Hitlerpages, 2009)

On old picture of the back of the Rasthaus, lakeside

(picture: copyright unknown)

More pictures of the Chiemsee Rasthaus and one picture of the Chiemsee Mermaid. I received these pictures of the Rasthaus of a very helpfull and friendly source from Austria! (pictures: given to the Hitlerpages, 2009)

The room where Hitler used to dine. In the centre with the original furniture.

(pictures: given to the Hitlerpages, 2009)

Coburg The Hofbräuhaus in Coburg Bahnhof (23) Location: Bahnhofsplatz Today: Still there Hitler arrived at Coburg for the Deutsche Tage in 1922 by train and left Coburg by train on sundaynight at 10 o’clock. An NSDAP delegation at Veste Coburg. Hitler is not on this picture. (picture: Bundesarchiv) The old Schützenhaus in 1937, on the 15th anniversary of the Days of Coburg. The sign above the door says: ‘Standquartier Adolf Hitler's, 14. 15. Okt. 1922’. (picture: Bundesarchiv, dated 1937)

The Days of Coburg: Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 1922

On October 14 and 15, 1922 Hitler was present at the third edition of the Deutsche Tage. Right winged people from different party’s met eachother in Coburg. 800 SA-men joined Hitler. Fights with socialists and communists broke out. The event is mentioned in Mein Kampf.

14 October 1922 Hitler and his SA at the Deutsche Tage in Coburg. Hitler is the second man from the left. Schloßplatz (22a) Location: Schloßplatz Today: Still there On the sunday of the Deutsche Tage Hitler and his followers walked to the Veste Coburg. Before they got there they got into a fight with group of communists and socialists at the Schloßplatz. 15 October 1922

Other dates on  which Hitler came to Coburg

Hitler came back to Coburg on several other dates. Some of the visits get mentioned above as a part of the information about the Deutscher Tage locations. The visits to other locations are mentioned below.

11 January 1927 The grave of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. (picture: wikipedia) The location where both Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Cosima Wagner were burried. (picture: wikipedia)

Rathaus/Rathaussaal (25)

Location: Marktplatz

Today: Still there

On October 19, 1935 Hitler came to speek at the Führerappell of the Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps (NSKK) at the Rathaussaal. The NSKK was a paramilitary organisation of the NSDAP, and the following organisation of the so called Motor-SA.

The Rathaus today


Speech at the 15th anniversary of the Day of Coburg

Location: Unknown

Hitler came to Coburg on October 15, 1937 at the 15th anniversary of the Day of Coburg. He held a speech at an unknown location. The picture of the Alte Schützenhaus, shown above, was taken in October 1937. If Hitler came here in 1937 is still unknown to me.   

5 May 1929, 22 and 23 June 1929, 5 December 1929 and January 1931 Look for information at the Hofbräugaststätten (21). 2 October 1927 On this date Hitler held a speech at Neustadt bei Coburg on the Frankentag der NSDAP. 16 October 1932 19 October 1935 15 October 1937 Egern (Tegernsee) Speech at Zur Uberfahrt (28) Location: Uberfahrtstrasse 10 in Rottach-Egern Today: Dorint Seehotel Uberfahrt, renovated On October 1, 1922 Hitler was in Egern for a speech. Another Hitlerlocation on the Tegernsee is Bad Wiessee. Also look at Tegernsee. Erbendorf Turnhalle (32) Location: Jahnstrasse 6 Today: The Turnhalle was turned into the Stadthalle; it’s still the same building. On August 5, 1928 Hitler held a speech at the Turnhalle in Erbendorf. Erlangen Essfeld/Giebelstadt Hitler and Blomberg on the Air Field of Giebelstadt in September 1936 Pleinfelder Tor (31) Location: Pleifelder Strasse  Today: Still there A picture from a Hoffmann propaganda book shows Hitler visiting Ellingen. The Pleinfelder tower of Ellingen is clearly visable. Ellingen Hitler driving through Ellingen. Donauwörth Donauhalle (27) Location: Zirgesheimerstraße (at about number 16) Today: Destroyed in the war, a building of the Arbeitsamt is there now. On April 16, 1932 Hitler held a speech at the Donauhalle in Donauwörth. Dingolfing Turnhalle (26) Location: Unknown On September 30, 1928 Hitler held a speech at the Turnhalle. Eichstätt Hitler in front of the  Waldschlösschen Burg Hoheneck Speech to remember Ernst Pöhner (17) Location: Unknown On November 13, 1927 Hitler held a Ernst Pöhner remembrance speech in Burg Hoheneck. Ernst Pöhner was one of the puchists in 1923. He died on April 11, 1925 near Feldkirchen. Villa Wahnfried (15) Location: Richard-Wagner-Straße 48 Today: Damaged during the war, but rebuilt. It’s a Wagner-museum now  In October 1923 a very impressed Adolf Hitler visited Villa Wahnfried for the first time. He came back a lot of times. Hitler and Winifred Wagner

Hitler inside Villa Wahnfried

(Hamann, 2002)

Hitler and Unity Mitford at the Wahnfried garden (Hamann, 2002)

Hitler kissing the hand of Winifred Wagner at villa Wahnfried in 1940. (Hamann, 2002)

Adolf Hitler in Bayreuth on

September 30. 1923.

Spitalskirche (15e) Location: Marktplatz 2 Today: Still there On September 30, 1923 Hitler must have been at the memorial for the fallen soldiers of WW1 at the Spitalskirche, that was part of the Deutsche Tag. Schloßplatz (15f) Location: Ludwigstrasse Today: Still there On September 30, 1923 Hitler must also have been at parade on the Schloßplatz, that was part of the Deutsche Tag.

An old picture of the Schloßplatz

Markgräflichen Reithalle (15g) Location: Ludwigstrasse 31 Today: Stadthalle (theatre) On September 30, 1923 Hitler held a speech at the Markgräflichen Reithalle in Bayreuth. Alte Schloß/Eremitage (15k) Location: Hofgarten, Ludwigstrasse 21 Today: Still there  During the Bayreuther Festspiele of 1925 Hitler made trips to Bad Berneck, the Luisenburg, Bamberg and the Eremitage in Bayreuth. Restaurant Dittmar Location: Unknown On July 29, 1925 Hitler spoke at the Dittmar. Sonnensaal Location: Unknown On April 14, 1928 Hitler held a speech at the Sonnensaal in Bayreuth. Unteren Au Location: Exact location unknown Hitler spoke somewhere in the area of the unteren Au on July 30, 1932. There were 40.000 people present. Parteilokal Bayreuther nazi’s Location: Unknown On September 17, 1923 Hitler held a speech at the Parteilokal of the nazi’s. In the afternoon he took a walk through the city. He didn’t visit the Wagners at that time. See Hotel Anker. Krankenhaus (Hospital) Bayreuth Location: Unknown. The hospital of Bayreuth of today dates from 1942. On July 1938 Hitler visited Gauleiter Wächtler at the hospital. Wächler had an argument with Winifred Wagner that Hitler wanted to clear. Restaurant Eule (15l) Location: Kirchgasse 8 Today: Still there as restaurant Eule During the Bayreuther Festspiele of 1925 Hitler went to Siegfried Wagner’s favourite restaurant on August 1.

A postcard showing Siegfried Wagner’s favourite bar


Hitler inside the Gasthof, with two of the Wagner children outside the window (Hamann, 2002)

A postcard of the inside of the building (picture: copyright unknown)

A view of the inside in 2009

(pictures: given to the Hitlerpages, 2009)

The boat dock doesn’t seem to be in use anymore (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2016)

Hitler on the lakeside of the building

(picture: copyright unknown)

On these pictures the Rasthaus is still empty (pictures: given to the Hitlerpages, 2009)

The same part of the building as on the icture above it. The roof has been changed. (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2017)

The Rasthaus has been changed into a Medical Centre.

(pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2017)

Hotel Drei Mohren

Location: Maximilianstrasse 40

Today: After the ‘Augsburger Bombennacht’ of  25/26 february 1944 only the facade of the hotel still stood. Nevertheless that was also demolished, together with the rest of the hotel. A new hotel was put in its place.

Adolf Hitler used to visit hotel Drei Mohren when he stayed in Augsburg overnight.

Two old postcards of hotel Drei Mohren. The right one shows the courtyard of the hotel.

(pictures: postcards)

The new hotel

(picture: wikipedia)

Siegfriedhaus/Führerbau (15)

Location: Wagnerstrasse 48, connected to Wahnfried on the eastside

Today: Still there.

During the Festspiele of 1936, and in the years that followed, Hitler lived at the Siegfriedhaus, next to Villa Wahnfried.  

Hitler inside the Siegfriedhaus, with behind him Joseph Goebbels.

(Hamann, 2002)

Hitler used to invite the artists of the Festspiele to the Siegfriedhaus. This is a picture of that so called Künstleremfang in 1937. (Hamann, 2002)

The Künstleremfang of 1938. On the left is Franz von Hoessin, who was married to a Jewish wife.

(Hamann, 2002)

Hitler with Verena and Friedelind Wagner, in front of the Siegfriedhaus. (Hamann, 2002)