At the Bodensee. We’re not sure if this picture was taken in Baden-Würtemberg or in Bayern. It could even be in Austria. Bodensee Stones thrown at Hitler (5) Location: unknown A story from the early period of the NSDAP is the one from Freiburg. When people threw stones at Hitler's car, he jumped out waving with his whip. The astonished crowd moved out of the way. Freiburg im Breisgau While in Führer Haupt Quartier Tannenberg, Hitler visited Freudenstadt Freudenstadt The first page of the Heidelberger Freundenblatt (2 April 1935), with Hitler on it in fornt of the Europischer Hof. Europaischer Hof  (Hotel Europa Heidelberg) Location: Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 1 Today: Still there A Heidelberg newspaper showed Hitler in front of hotel Europaischer Hof. Heidelberg The Harmonie in 1905 (picture: wikipedia) Heilbron Hotel Germania

Speech inside a tent (17)

Location: Square on the Daxlander Strasse, that runs along the harbour. Exact location unknown.

Hitler spoke to 50.000 people in a tent on this square in Karlsruhe on November 1, 1932.

Hochschulkampfbahn/Alte Hochschulstadion

Location: Paulckplatz, Engesserstrasse 17

Today: Only the grandstand building remains.

On March 12, 1936 Hitler spoke at the Hochschulkampfbahn in Karlsruhe.

The Hochschulstadion after the war

(picture:, 1962)

The grandstand building of the Hochschulstadion today

(pictures: wikipedia)

Durlach - Hitler drives through Durlach on his way to Öschelbronn (18)

Location: Pfinztalstrasse 76 (in 1933 called Adolf-Hitler-Strasse).

Today: Unknown if the location of the picture is still recognisable.

On September 14, 1933 Hitler visited the village of Öschelbronn. A large fire had just ruined big parts of the village. Hitler flew from Berlin to Karlsruhe. From there he took the car through Durlach, that has now become a part of Karlsruhe and Pforzheim. Large crowds had gathered to see Hitler, who arrived at Öschelbronn at 13.45 hours. He visited the fire site and left at 14.30 hours to take his plane back to Berlin in Böblingen.

Hitler on the Adolf-Hitler-Strasse in Durlach, on his way to Öschelbronn.


The location is still recognisable.

(picture: source unknown)

Pfinztalstrasse 76 hasn’t changed very much. (lpicture: S. Degen, 2008)

Hitler on the Marktplatz This picture of a postcard shows the Dinkelacker Saalbau Charlottenhof Location: Unknown Hitler spoke at a place called the Charlottenhof in Stuttgart on June 14, 1925. I only found a place where once was a Charlottenhof, North-East of Stuttgart, near Oppenweiler. That location seems to far away. Große Wulle-Saal Location: Unknown On the 17th of April 1926 Hitler held a speech at the Dinkelackers Saalbau and one at the Wulle-Saal. The day after that he spoke in the Wulle-Saal again. On the 8th of May of 1927 he also spoke there. Bürgermuseum (45) Location: Lange Strasse 4 (?) Today: Gone since 1944 Hitler spoke at the Bürgermuseum on July 8, 1925. Liederhalle (46) Location: Berliner Platz 1-3 Today: ruined in 1943. Rebuilt in 1956. On August 15 and on December 16, 1925 Hitler spoke at the Liederhalle. On May 11, 1928 Hitler also held a speech at this location. The Liederhalle in 1864 The remains of the Liederhalle in 1944 The entrance of the Liederhalle in 1944 Friedrichsbau (47) Location: Friedrichstrasse 24 Today: The place was bombed in 1943. In 1944 it burned out. In 1955 the building was taken down. There are streets on the grounds of the Friedrichsbau-location now. Hitler held a speech here once. The Kampfbahn during the Deutsche Turnfeste The Adolf Hitler Kampfbahn Hitler and Goebbels at the Turnfeste (picture: Hitler's Handlangers, 2004) Left: The Stadthalle in 1929. The hall was bombed during the war. Now the buildings of the SWR broadcasting company are there Right: Hitler in Stuttgart, most likely inside the Stadthalle Stuttgart

Jakob Werlin shows Adolf Hitler an old Benz car at the Daimler-Benz Werkstätten

(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter)


While he lived in Führer Haupt Quartier Tannenberg in July 1940, Hitler visited Freudenstadt (picture on the left) and the Maginotlinie (picture on the right).

Ulm Saalbau (51) Location: Unsure Today: The building could have been destroyed in the war. But there’s also a possibility the building existed until 1996. On November 18, 1927 Hitler held a speech at the Saalbau in Ulm. The Saalbau in Ulm Max-Eyth-Halle Location: Unknown Today: Destroyed in 1944/1945, taken down after the war. On November 4, 1932 Hitler held a speech for 30.000 people in the Max-Eyth-Halle (1930). The Max-Eyth-Halle (source: Villingen-Schwenningen Zelthalle in Schwenningen Location: Unsure Today: Schwenningen has become part of Villingen-Schwenningen since 1972. Hitler spoke to 60.000 people in a tent in Schwenningen on April 9, 1932. Hitler in one of the gates of the Kloster Maulbronn Hitler in Öschelbronn in 1933 Niefern-Öschelbronn Landwirtschaftshalle (27) Location: Unknown Hitler spoke at the Landwirtschaftshalle on November 8, 1930 for 12.000 people. Offenburg Tent on the Rennwiese (36) Location: Moltkestrasse, near the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium (Alteburger Strasse 26) Today: The Rennwiese is still there. Hitler spoke to about 30.000 people in a tent on the Rennwiese in Reutlingen on July 29, 1932. Reutlingen Hoffman picture Location: The Rauhe Alb-Schwäbische Alb is a hilly area East of the Black Forrest and (South-)East of Stuttgart In a Hoffman propaganda book is a picture of Hitler in the area of the Rauhe Alb. The exact location is unknown. Schwäbische Alb - Rauhe Alb Pforzheim Ottersdorf Stadion on the Mettnau (34) Location: Not sure, could be somewhere near the Floerickeweg. Hitler spoke to 60.000 people in the Stadion on the Mettnau on July 29, 1932. Radolfzell Sonderzug (28) Location: Unknown, but the station of Oppenau is at the Bahnhofstrasse On July 5, 1940 Hitler left FHQ Tannenberg to go to Berlin. He took the train in Oppenau. Exactly where is not mentioned. Oppenau Sonderzug (35) Location: unknown, but the station is at the Bahnhofstrasse On June 29, 1940 Hitler toured the Alsace (Elsass) by car and Sonderzug. He probably took the train at Rastatt. Rastatt


Hitler visits generals (3)

Location: Unknown

Today: Efringen is called Efringen-Kirchen now. The Streitkräftunterstützungskommando (SKB) is there still. One of the bunkers in the area is on the Hölzeleweg.

On May 19, 1939 Hitler was in Efringen. He held a speech for several generals.


Eutingen airfield (4)

Location: Eutingen im Gäu, exact location unknown

On June 18, 1940 Hitler left the FHQ Wolfschlucht (1) to go to FHQ Tannenberg. He departed by air from airfield Gros-Caillou and flew to Eutingen, east of Freudenstadt. From there he was driven to FHQ Tannenberg.

Hitler travels through Lauffen Lauffen Mannheim Festhalle Rosengarten (22) Location: Rosengartenplatz 2 Today: Still there On November 23, 1928 Hitler held a speech at the Rosengarten in Mannheim. Nibelungensaal (22) Location: Seems to be at the Festhalle Rosengarten, Rosengartenplatz 2 Today: Not sure On November 5, 1930 Hitler held a speech at the Nibelungensaal in Mannheim.

Hitler in Kehl (20)

Location: Unknown

On June 30, 1940 Hitler toured through the Elsass. He also visited Kehl, near the French border, right across the river from Strassburg. A lot of bunkers and war-related locations can be found back in the area.


Baden-Würtemberg is the land of the Bodensee, Heidelberg, Mannheim and Stuttgart. A large part of the German Siegfried line was along the border between Baden-Würtemberg and France. Hitler visited Stuttgart already in 1920. His FHQ Tannenberg was in this part of the country, but Hitler used it only once, in July 1940.    

1. Bodensee 2. Flughafen Böblingen 3. Efringen 4. Eutingen airfield 5. Frieburg 6. Stadion Freiburg 7. Freudenstadt 8. Stadthalle Heidelberg 9. Europaischer Hof, Heidelberg 10. Harmonie, Heilbronn 11. Hauptbahnhof Heilbronn 12. Bahnhofstrasse, Heilbronn 13. Friedrich-Ebert-Brücke, Heilbronn 14. Neckar Hotel, Heilbronn 15. Festhalle, Karlsruhe 16. Hotel Germania, Karlsruhe 17. Daxlander Strasse, Karlsruhe 18. Durlach, Karlsruhe 19. Eggenstein, Karlsruhe 20. Kehl 21. Lauffen 22.Festhalle Rosengarten-Nibbelungensaal, Mannheim 23. Kloster Maulbronn 24. Niefern-Oschelbronn 25. School, Oschelbronn 26. Church Oschelbronn 27. Offenburg 28. Oppenau 29. 30. 31. Westwal bunkers 32. Saalbau Pforzheim 33. Route to Oschelbronn, Pforzheim 34. Radolfzell 35. Rastatt     


Baden-Würtemberg weergeven op een grotere kaart

36. Rennwiese, Reutlingen 37. Schwäbische Alb 38. Stadthalle Stuttgart 39. Adolf Hitler Kampfbahn, Stuttgart 40. Hauptbahnhof, Stuttgart 41. Königstrasse, Stuttgart 42. Marktplatz, Stuttgart 43. Dinkelacker Saalbau, Stuttgart 44. Herzog Christoph, Stuttgart 45. Bürgermuseum, Stuttgart 46. Liederhalle, Stuttgart 47. Friedrichsbau, Stuttgart 48. Weißenburg, Stuttgart 48a. Daimler-Benz-Werkstätten, Stuttgart 49. 50. Tannenberg 51. Ulm 52. Villingen-Schwenningen




Hospiz Viktoria

Location: Friedrichstrasse corner Schellingstrasse (old entrance)

Today: The hospiz was ruined after the war and taken down. There’s a modern building of the L-Bank now.

When Hitler was in Stuttgart he used to stay at Hospiz Viktoria. It is said that he always mocked about the bible that was always on the bedside table there.

Inside Hospiz Viktoria

(picture: postcard)

A drawing of the Hospiz Viktoria

(picture: postcard)