The bunker is a German bunker, but why it’s called the Hitlerbunker is not sure. (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2007) Hitler in Fromelles in 1940 A look on what’s behind the farm (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2009) The exact same farm today (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2009) Could this be the same farm as the one drawn by Hitler?  (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2009) A drawing made by Hitler (probably redone) of a farm in Fromelles, that was the ‘Verbandplatz’ of the regiment of Hitler in 1915. (Russel, 2006)


Fromelles May 1915 weergeven op een grotere kaart
The drawing ‘Unterstand’ (Shelter) was made by Hitler in 1915. (Russel, 2006)

House on the road between Fromelles and Aubers (picture: Meijer, 1934)

Unterstand Fromelles

(picture: Solleder, 1932)


‘Road’ between Fromelles and the front line (picture: Meijer, 1934)

House on the road between Fromelles and Aubers (picture: Solleder, 1932)

House on the road between Fromelles and Aubers (picture: Meijer, 1934)

The church of Fromelles

(picture: Solleder, 1932)

Fromelles 1916

(picture: Meijer, 1934)

The station of Fromelles

(picture: Meijer, 1934)


(picture: Meijer, 1934)

The church of Aubers

(picture: Meijer, 1934)

Rote Banke

Location: Rue Delval/ Rue de Leval, (see maps for exact location)

Today: Unsure. It was already ruined in WW1.

The Rote Banke is another location that’s on the maps of Hitler's regiment. Hitler must have known this location.

The Rote Banke (picture: Meijer, 1934)

Befehlstelle Bayern

Location: Southeast of the Deleval Ferme, exact location unknown

Since Hitler had to bring messages from and to the commanding officers the locations where the commanders were located are important. The location of this Befehlstelle is still unkown, but there’s a picture of it. until now I found no source that says Hitler was here.  

Befehlstelle Bayern (picture: Meijer, 1934) A drawing Hitler made near Fromelles. The aquarel ‘Haus mit weissem Zaun’ is made northwest of Fromelles, near the ‘Roten Banke’, in 1915. A lot of drawings of Adolf Hitler were redone or coloured by another  artist after 1933. (Russel, 2006)

Rote Banke and the House mit weissem Zaun

Location: Rue Delval (on the corner of the road to Pétillon) Look at the map for the exact locations.

Today: Unknown, but there are still houses there.

Hitler knew the area the Germans called the Rote Banke very well. He drew a picture of the ‘Haus mit weissem Zaun’ that was also on the Rue Delval.

January - September - Fromelles

Adolf Hitler and his regiment are mainly in Fromelles.

Somewhere in the beginning of 1916 -  Santes

The regiment gets some resting time when they serve as reserve troops in Santes. When Hitler has a day off, he often goes to Lille.

January – February - Fromelles

Hitler's regiment carries out feint attacks as distraction during the offensive in Verdun.

January 15 - Haubourdin and back to Fromelles

The 1st batallion goes to Haubourdin for a parade for King Lüdwig III. Hitler was a member of the 1st batallion. If he was with his batallion is unknown. After that it goes back to Fromelles. The command of the the first line is located at the Teehaus on the Gartenstraße. (The Gartenstrasse could be the street between Aubers and Fromelles.) The Sanitätsunterstand of RIR 16 was located opposite to the Regimentsbefehlstelle.

July 1 -November 18 - Hitler's regiment takes part of the Battle of the Somme (France) and sees heavy action at Fromelles (northern France) and Baupame (Somme region, France).

Starting July 19 British and Australian divisions fought with the German soldiers near the village of Fromelles, as a distraction during the Battle of the Somme. The Battle of the Somme took place in the area of Baupame and Albert (France).

July, first week - Brussels

Hitler is on a leave. He visits Brussels. A postcard to an a fellow soldier of July 6, 1916 says that this is the most beautiful journey he has ever done, exept for the rain that keeps falling.

July 19 - La Bassée, Wavrin, Fromelles

The 1st batallion serves as Brigade-Reserve at La Bassée. The batallion staff is at Wavrin. The Fromelles batallion arrives at the front of Fromelles at 1 o’clock (at night). The batallion travelled by train. Hitler was a member of the 1st batallion.

July 19/20 - Fromelles

Battle of Fromelles. Attack of the Australian army.

July - September 24/25 - Fromelles

In the night of September 24/25 the regiment leaves the trenches of Fromelles for the last time.

Left: Hitler (first row, left) with his fellow-soldiers somewhere in Belgium or France in front of a Regimentsstab building (1916) Right: Hitler (top row centre) in 1916 in a lazaret in Beelitz (Germany) (pictures: Russel, 2006)

In 1916 Adolf Hitler and his regiment were stationed in Vlaanderen and French-Vlaanderen. The regiment was in Fromelles most of the time. Because Hitler was in Fromelles before, information and pictures that are already on the 1915 page, are also on this page. Some maps of the area are only on the 1915 page, though. In 1916 Hitler got woonded in Le Bargue and was brought to the Red Cross Military Hospital in Beelitz.


1914 - 1915 - 1916 - 1917 - 1918


September 24/25 - Fromelles

RIR 16 leaves the trenches of Fromelles for the last time.

The 1st batallion goes to Loos (east of Haubourdin), the 2nd and 3rd batallion go to Haubourdin.

September 26/27 - Travelling towards the Somme in the region of Cambrai

The regiment (all batallions and regiment staf) leaves from Haubourdin station and goes to:

Hermies (1st batallion); Iwuy (2nd batallion + regiment staf).

By foot they go to: Bancourt (1st batallion); Frémicourt (the rest of the troops).

September 28 – October 1- Riencourt-Villers au Flos

The regiment has to work on the German positions Riencourt-Villers au Flos.

October 2 - Frémicourt, Bapaume, Le Bargue

The regiment joins the battle at the Somme. It has to go to Frémicourt, ready to leave for the front.

The complete regiment was to go to the lines between Bapaume and Le Bargue, but only the first batallion goes there, behind the front line. The regiment staff is located at Bapaume. Location of the 1st and 2nd batallion: south of Le Barque – Ligny – Thilloy. The 1st batallion goes to the village of Le Bargue.

October 2/3 - Le Bargue

The 1st batallion goes to the front. The second Befehlstelle of the batallion commander is in Le Bargue, near the Regimentsbefehlstelle (exact location not mentioned). The companies on the frontline from left to right (?): 5, 4, 3, 8, 2, 1. Adolf Hitler was here too.

October 5 - Le Bargue/Le Bargur

Hitler gets wounded in the thigh during the Battle of the Somme. He is brought to the Sammellazarett in Hermies where he stays until October 6.

October 9 – December 1 - Germany

Hitler recovers in a Red Cross Military Hospital in Beelitz (Germany). He also visits Berlin in this period.

December 3 - München

Hitler returns to a reserve batallion in München (Germany). He stays in Germany until March 1917.

Locations of the List regiment when Hitler was in Germany:

Le Bargue, Spatnyriegel, Bapaume, Sancourt, Tilloy (Tilloy-les-Cambrai).

October 1916 – February 1917  Vimy Höhe

October 16 Vimy Höhe (Hitler not present)

Train from Sancourt to Billy-Montigny, from there by foot to the shelters.

Location of the trenches of RIR 16: west of Vimy, with the front line on the flat side of the Vimy Höhe, the wooded side. The defense line was about where the highway runs today.

October 17 – 19 Vimy Höhe (Hitler not present)

Batallions go to the front. The first batallion stands reserve at Merincourt or Douai.


A picture of Hitler (first man on the left) in a shelter in Reincourt-Villers

Location: Unknown

There’s a picture of Hitler inside an Unterstand of Ordonanzen in Riencourt-Villers. From September 28 - October 1 Hitler's regiment was there to work on the German positions in the area.

Left: Beelitz hospital Right: Hitler at Beelitz, Hitler is the second man from the right in the back row (pictures: Russel, 2006) BEELITZ (BRANDENBURG - GERMANY) The monument on the Vimyhöhe today (pictures: the Hitlerpages, 2007)


Hitler visiting the Vimyhöhe after the invasion of France  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1940)

Cambrai weergeven op een grotere kaart

Bapaume weergeven op een grotere kaart

A map of the Somme region with Le Bargue on it. Here Hitler got wounded. More research is needed to get information about exact locations related to Hitler in this region.  (Solleder, 1932)


Le Bargue in 1916

(picture: copyright unknown, 1916)

Regiment Staff

Location: Unknown
From October 2/3 the regiment staff of Hitler's regiment was in Bapaume and Le Bargue. Hitler was in Le Bargue when he got woonded on the thigh on October 5. Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf it was on October 7. He was wrong.

Hitler visited this bunker in 1940  (pictures: Heinrich Hoffmann)

The bunker today

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2007)

Adolf Hitler and his fellow couriers somewhere in the fields in 1916

(picture: Weber, 2010)

The Opéra of Lille in 1916  (picture: wikipedia)


The Opéra of Lille in today (picture: wikipedia)


The WW1 soldiers house in Brussel (picture: old postcard)


Two of the corners of Wetstraat/Hertogstraat

(picture: wikipedia)

Museum voor Schone Kunsten Location: Regentschapsstraat 23  Today: Still there In the beginning of July Hitler was on  a leave in Brussels. He visited the Museum voor Schonen Kunsten. In September/October 1917 he was in Brussels again. An aquarel of Adolf Hitler entitled Haubourdin (Russel, 2006)


Haubourdin station Location: Avenue du Maréchal Juin Today: Still there Adolf Hitler’s regiment travelled towards the Somme on September 26/27. It left from Haubourdin station. An old postcard of the station of Haubourdin The station of Haubourdin today (picture: wikipedia) Another postcard of Iwuy station (postcard) Iwuy station in 1906  (postcard)


Iwuy station today (picture: wikipedia) List-regiment Location: Unknown Adolf Hitler’s regiment was tranported to the Somme  region by train. It arrived at Hermies and Iwuy. From there it went to Bancourt and Frémicourt by foot on September 26/27. Hitler must have been in Frémicourt.



German soldiers in a ruined street of Bapaume

(picture: Bündesarchiv, wikipedia)

Regiment Staff
Location: Unknown

From October 2 the regiment staff of Hitler's regiment was in Bapaume.Le Bargue is mentioned as ‘Regimentbefehlstelle’ on the same date too.


Location: Unknown

Adolf Hitler got woonded on the thigh in Le Bargue on October 5. He was brought to the Sammellazarett in Hermies. From there he was transported to the Red Cross Military Hospital in Beelitz, Germany. He arrived there on October 9.

BERLIN - MÜNCHEN (GERMANY) A postcard Adolf Hitler sent to Karl Lanzhammer marked ‘Muenchen 19 Dez 16’. Hitler writes he is in a reserve batallion, he’s treated by a dentist and that he wants to return to the field as soon as possible.   (copyright picture unknown)