An old picture of Hitler's birthhouse (copyright picture: unknown) A view of the street with the city tower in the back  (copyright picture: unknown) A similar view today  (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, 2016) The front of Hitler’s birthhouse  (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, 2016) The backside of the house  (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, 2016) The same view today. A new tree stands on the same spot as the one on the older pictures. (picture: Shaibal Giri, 2009. All rights reserved. The Hitler Pages, 2011) The Gasthof, decorated with nazi flags (copyright picture: unknown) This is what the building looks like today.(picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, 2016) The entrance of the building. In the grillwork above the door of the house where Hitler was born are the initials MB, which is said to stand for Martin Bormann. I’m not sure about the truth of that. (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, 2016) The alley next to the house. (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, 2016) A stone from concentration camp Mauthausen in front of the house is the only reminder of who was born here. (pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, 2016)

Most pictures have been made in november 2016, while there was talk of taking the house down.It seems like the property was disowned.

 (pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitler Pages, 2016)

Left: Close to the birth house of Adolf Hitler, walking towards the Stadttor, is a building with this drawing on it. It shows the execution of Josef Palm, who was killed by the French in 1806. He gets mentioned on the first pages of Mein Kampf, as a sort of early inspiration of Hitler.  

 (picture: Shaibal Giri, 2009. All rights reserved. The Hitler Pages, 2011)

Left: An old picture of the city of Braunau (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2016)Right: A similar alley in Braunau today (picture: the Hitlerpages, 2016) The Baptismal font inside St. Stephan (picture: scrapbookpages) All black and white pictures: Hitler's motorcade on the bridge over the Inn (pictures: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938) An old postcard of the bridge and Zollamt of Braunau  (scan of this postcard received from a helpful source from the Netherlands) The Inn bridge today (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016) Hitler’s car is driven from the bridge onto the Stadtplatz. (pictures: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938) The bridge is not longer there, but the Stadtplatz has changed just a little. (pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016) The Stadtplatz of Braunau (pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016)

On April 20, 1889 Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, in a Gasthof that belonged to a family called Dafner. Years later, when Austria became part of Germany, Hitler came back to his birthplace. In 1928/1929 Eva Braun, who didn’t know Adolf Hitler then, was in a boarding school in Simbach, right across the river from Braunau.   

1.Gasthof family Dafner

(Gasthof zum Pommer)

2. Bridge over the river Inn

3. Stadtpfarrkirche St. Stephan

4. Kloster der Englischen Schwesestern,



Braunau and Simbach weergeven op een grotere kaart

SIMBACH (Germany)

The Mariahöhe in 1926. Eva Braun attended the boarding school that was located there.

Another old picture of the Kloster Mariahöhe

The building today




Hitler on the Stadtplatz in Braunau  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938)

Hitler visits Braunau (1938)

Location: Stadplatz

Today: Still there

When Hitler visited Braunau in 1938 he was driven from the bridge over the Inn across the Stadtplatz to the Salzburger Vorstadt (the street where he was born).

The Stadtplatz (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016) The background buildings on the picture with Hitler on it, still exist. The difference in hight of the tower is caused by the fact that Hitler and his photographer are standing in a car. (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen,  the Hitlerpages, 2016) Left and centre: At the end of the Stadtplatz is a tower. On the other side of the tower the street Salzurger Vorstadt begins. This picture was taken from the side of the Salzburger Vorstadt. (pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016) The Town Hall on the Stadtplatz  (picture: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016) An impression of the Stadtpfarrkirche St. Stephan. (pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016) Centre and right: The Baptismal font that was probably used when Hitler was baptised (pictures: De Boer/Vermeulen, the Hitlerpages, 2016)