Adolf Hitler came to Berchtesgaden and the Obersalzberg long before he became Reichskanzler of Germany. He used to spend time in hotels in Berchtesgaden and in hotel Moritz on the Obersalzberg. The owner of the hotel Moritz had a small cottage on the mountain, that was later called the Kampfhäusl, in which Hitler wrote a part of Mein Kampf. Later, a lot of things changed. Hotel Moritz was turned into the Platterhof, Haus Wachenfeld (Hitler's house) was turned into the Berghof, a lot of houses were built and a bunker system was made in the mountain. At the end of the war the Obersalzberg was bombed. The remains of a lot of buildings were blown up after the war. The Platterhof, in the year 2000, was one of the last destroyed buildings. One of the former nazi-buildings was turned into an information centre, with an entrance to the bunker system. Together with the bus tour to the Eagles Nest, it has become the centre of the Obersalzberg tourist experience.