The Schmeroldkeller in Passau in 1914


Location: Unknown
Hitler spoke in the Schmeroldkeller three times. The first time was on August 7, 1922. He spend the night at the Altdeutsche Bierstube. The day after he visted Franz Stockbauer, the owner of the Löwenbrauerei. On June 17, 1923 Hitler was at the Schmeroldkeller again. During his last visit to Passau, on October 27, 1928 Hitler also attended a meeting in the Schmeroldkeller.
Altdeutsche Bierstube
Location: Unknown
When Hitler spoke in the Schmeroldkeller on August 7, 1922, he spend the night at the Altdeutsche Bierstube, a location where young national-socialists used to hang out.
Omnibus Hotel/Gasthaus Omnibus
Location: Near the station. Exact location unknown.
During his last visit to Passau, on October 27, 1928 Hitler attended a meeting in the Schmeroldkeller. He also held a speech at the Gasthaus Omnibus.
Peschlkeller (4)
Location: Auerspergstrasse 2
Today: Still there
On June 17, 1923 Hitler  spoke at the Peschlkeller in Passau.
Hitler's home (1)
Location: Theresienstrasse 23
Today: Hairstylist
Hitler's family lived in the Theresienstrasse until May 1, 1893, when they moved to the Kapuzinerstrasse.

The house on the Theresienstrasse where the young Adolf Hitler used to live with his family.

(pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2012)

Hitler's second home in Passau (2)
Location: Innstadtbahnhofweg 3, on a little path aside the Kapuzinerstrasse. (The address of Kapuzinerstrasse 5 was found in city archives. This is the same location as Innstadtbahnhofstrasse 3. Other sources mention Kapuzinerstrasse 31. A visitor of the website gave us the information about the Innstadtbahnhofweg.)
Today: Part of the house is still standing. The rest of it is a remake that has been painted red. I’m not sure about what the exact house was.
Adolf Hitler and his family once lived in a house on the river bank of the Inn in Passau. There’s a story about the young Adolf falling into the river once; he was pulled out by the son of the owner of the house on the Kapuzinerstrasse (or Innstadtbahnhofweg). Hitler never talked about this. He only mentioned playing ‘cowboys and Indians’ on the banks of the river. On April 1, 1894 Adolf’s father Alois was occupated in Linz. The family left Passau to follow him there on May 9, 1894.

The houses on the Innstadtbahnhofweg/Kapuziner-strasse from the front

(picture: The Hitlerpages, 2012)

The houses on the backside look out over the river Inn.

(picture: The Hitlerpages, 2012)

The red house is a remake of the old house that was there.

(picture: The Hitlerpages, 2012)

A part of Passau lies in between the river Donau and the river Inn. Behind the house where Hitler lived as a child, runs the river Inn. The pictures on the left and in the centre show the river banks where the young Adolf played. The buildings on the other side of the river are also in Passau. The picture on the right shows where the Donau devides in two. (picture: The Hitlerpages, 2012)

Löwenbrauerei (3)
Location: Franz Stockbauerweg 13
Today: Still there
Wen Hitler was in Passau on August 8, 1922, he visted Franz Stockbauer, the owner of the Löwenbrauerei.

Löwenbrauerei Passau

Speech at the Müllerbräu (5) + (6)
Location: Hauptplatz 36 (a hotel that could be related is on Hauptplatz 2)
Today: No information available yet about the origin of the building.
Hitler was in Pfaffenhofen on September 3, 1922 for a speech at the Müllerbräu.

An old picture of the inside of the Müllerbräu

A recent picture of the Müllerbräu

Alte Rathaus (8)
Location: Rathausplatz 1
Today: Still there
On October 22, 1933 Hitler spoke at the Rathaus of Regensburg. On June 6, 1937 Hitler spoke to 200.000 people in Regensburg on the Parteitag of the Bayerische Ostmark.
Left: Hitler leaving the Alte Rathaus in October 1933  
Right: The old Rathaus today
Location: Walhalla-Strasse 48, Donaustauf (near Regensburg)
Today: Still there
Somewhere in 1937 Hitler was at the museum Walhalla in Regensburg, a place where the busts of famous German people are collected. A famous picture shows Hitler watching the bust of Austrian composer Anton Bruckner. The Bruckner-bust was put there in 1937. Hitler was in Regensburg for the so called Regensburg Ceremony, a ceremony with speeches, concerts, a convention of the Bruckner Gesellschaft and a meeting of the Bavarian Nazi Party.
The Walhalla
Hitler and Bruckner
Speeches in Regensburg
Location: Unknown
On June 23, 1923 Hitler spoke at an unknown location in Regensburg. On April 6, 1932 Hitler spoke to 8.000 people inside a tent.
Stadthalle (10)
Location: Stadtpark (Prüfeningerstraße)
Today: Destroyed in 1945
On May 18, 1930 Hitler held a speech at the Stadthalle in Regensburg.
ROSENHEIM Hermann Göring was born in Rosenheim.
Speech Hitler 1920 - Hofbräuhaus (11)
Location: Kaiserstrasse (about no. 18)
Today: Hofbräu Komplex, disco and club
Hitler held a speech in the Hofbräuhaus on May 2, 1920. Just after the first NSDAP-division outside München was founded, Hitler spoke in Rosenheim again (on July 21, 1920). He also spoke in the Hofbräusaal on June 17, 1920. On the 26th of that month and year he also spoke in Rosenheim. The exact location of this speech is unknown.
Flötzingerlöchlsaal (Flötzingersaal) (12)
Location: Samerstrasse 17
Today: Flötzinger Bräustüberl
Hitler spoke here on April 21, 1921. He celebrated his birthday here on April 20, 1925. In 1935, after he had an operation to remove a polyp on May 23, Hitler didn’t speak in public for a while. The first time he spoke in public again was during a mass meeting in Rosenheim on August 11, 1935, in the Flötzingersaal.

The Flötzinger Bräustüberl

Speech Saubräukeller (14)
Location: Ludwigsplatz
Today: The keller is called the Ludwigshof. There must be some remains of this old farm/brewery at this location.
On August 31 and November 30, 1920 Hitler spoke at the Saubräu. On March 18 and on August 19, 1921 he spoke here again. In 1925, on the 5th of July, Hitler also held a speech at the Saubräukeller and he returned there on April 19, 1927.

The Saubräukeller must have been near the Ludwigshof.

The Pernlohnerkeller in 1900
Speech Pernlohnerkellern (13)
Location: (Weiler) Am Rossacker 7 (used to be next to the Rossackerkapelle)
Today: There must be some remains of this old farm/brewery at this location.
On August 6, 1920 Hitler spoke here.
Hotel Deutscher Kaiser (15)
Location: Prinzregentenstrasse 3/ Münchenerstrasse
Today: Only the facade is still there.
On April 17, 1932 Hitler spoke to 2.000 people inside this hotel.

Left: An old postcard of the hotel   Centre:  A picture of the hotel (picture: Stadtarchiv)  

Right: Inside the hotel (picture: Stadtarchiv)

The old road from Rosenheim to Berchtesgaden
Somewhere in 1933 Hitler was in Rosenheim to pick up guests from München. On the way back to Berchtegaden shots are fired at Hitler's car. No one got hurt. The shooter(s) have never been caught.

Speech at the 15 year jubilee of the NSDAP-Ostgruppe (16)

Location: Max-Joseph-Platz

Today: Still there

On August 11, 1935 Hitler drove through the Königstrasse to the Hofbräusaal, where Hitler was welcomed by party members. Later that afternoon he held a speech on the Max-Joseph-Platz, on occasion of the the 15 year existance of the NSDAP-Ostgruppe. There were 10.000 people there to listen.



A view towards the Max-Joseph-Platz. The pink and blue building in the background are on the square.


Hitler in Rosenheim

(picture: Stadtarchiv Rosenheim)

Hitler speaks on the Max-Joseph- Platz (picture: Stadtarchiv Rosenheim)

Rosenheim meeting 1922
Location: Unknown
On October 28, 1922 Adolf Hitler spoke at a meeting in some kind of meeting hall in Rosenheim.
Ausstellungshalle des Fleckviehzuchtverbandes (7)
Location: Could be the Viehhalle on the Wolfinger Strasse
Today: No information about the origin of the building was available. The location mentioned is a concerthall today.
Hitler was in Pocking once for a speech at the Müllerbräu.
Location: Unknown
Hitler spoke at Schwarzenbach on June 16, 1929.
Saalbau (18)
Location: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 20
Today: Not sure if this is the right location.
Hitler spoke at the Saalbau on December 14, 1928.
Speech in a tent on the Schützenplatz (19)
Location: Marktplatz, Spitalstrasse. Exact location unknown
Today: The square is still there
Hitler was in Schweinfurt on October 16, 1932. He held a speech. You can find pictures and information on Hitler was in Schweinfurt only once, but Göring was there more often. (He stayed at Willy Sachs' castle Mainberg.) There was an airbase near the city.
The Adolf Hitler Schüler
Ordensburg NSDAP (21)
Location: Vordere Burgaufahrt, between the Altstädler Strasse and the Hofener Strasse
Today: The buillding, that’s now called the General-Beck-Kaserne, was used by  the army after the war. The government is thinking about another way of using the complex.
The Ordensburg in Sonthofen was built in 1934 for the use of ‘weltanschauliche Schulung der NSDAP’. On November 23, 1937 Hitler held a Einweihungsrede for leaders of the Gau. In the last year of the war the building was used as a lazaret.
The Ordensburg today
Hitler at the dedication of the Ordensburg in April 1936
Speech in a tent near the Turnhalle (20)
Location: Unknown
Hitler spoke at Selb on October 14, 1932.
Traunstein Camp (25)
Location: East of Bayern, near the Austrian border, about 15 km. from Traunstein
Today: Not sure
Adolf Hitler was guarding Russian prisoners of war at Traunstein camp after the first world war. After returning to München, he became a part of the local army organization, which was a group of people who did not want the soldiers to turn towards communism or pacifism.
He had to influence the returning soldiers to become anti-socialist patriots. His first political speeches were held for the sodiers in Lechfeld, nearby. Later on Hitler held three speeches in Traunstein, the first one on 8 December 1922, in a crowded hall of the gymclub. After the war the Kaserne of Trainstein was used to shelter displaced (Jewish) people.
Soldiers in Traunstein. Hitler is the one with one cross, his fried Ernst Schmidt has two crosses
Turnhalle Traunstein
Location: Unknown
The first political  performance of Hitler in Traunstein took place in the Turnhalle on December 8, 1922. On that date he also spoke at the Wochingersaal. On April 20, 1928 Hitler was in the Turnhalle again. On April 17, 1932 Hitler spoke at the Turnhalle, the Hutter-Sailer-Saal and the Sailer-Keller.  
There was an old Turnhalle on the Katharinenstrasse. In 1921 a new Turnhalle was built in der Au. The nearest thing to that name I found was Auberg. Nearby Auberg is a soccer field with some larger buildings. In 1970 Traunstein got a new Turnhalle.
Wochingersaal (26)
Location: The location of the Wochinger Brauerei is St.Ostwaldstrasse 4
Today: Not sure
On December 8, 1922 Hitler spoke at the Wochingersaal.  
Hutter-Sailer-Saal (27)
Location: Probably Hofbräuhaus, Hofgasse 6-11 (both Hutter and Sailer were owners of the Hofbräuhaus)
Today: The Hofbräuhaus is still there
On April 17, 1932 Hitler spoke at the Turnhalle, the Hutter-Sailer-Saal and the Sailer-Keller
Sailer-Keller (28)
Location: Herzog-Wilhelm-Strasse 1
Today: Still there
On April 17, 1932 Hitler spoke at the Turnhalle, the Hutter-Sailer-Saal and the Sailer-Keller. The Sailer-Keller is a Hotel/Gasthaus in Traunstein.
Hitler drives through Traunstein
Location: Unknown
Some pictures show Hitler on March 27 or 28, 1933 driving through the streets of Traunstein.
Traunsteiner Krankenhaus (29)
Location: Cuno-Niggl-Strasse 1
Today: Between 1963 and 1971 a large renovation took place. Today the old hospital is totally gone, a new one was built in periods between 1984 and 2002.
On April 17, 1933 Hitler visited Pg. Ubler and on August 16 of the same year Hitler visted to his adjudant Brückner in the hospital of Traunstein.
Gasthaus the Sailer Keller
in Traunstein
Kronensaal (23)
Location: Ludwigplatz
Today: Unsure. The Kronensaal burned down somewhere in 1975
Hitler spoke at the Kronensaal on April 11, 1928.
Tegernsee (24)
Location: South of München
The Tegernsee was a populair place among top nazi’s to spend a holiday. In the beginning of August 1932 Hitler went on a vacation with Jospeh Goebbels in the Tegernsee area, after the election campagnes of that year. In the village Bad Wiessee was the Kurheim Hanselbauer, where Ernst Röhm lived, when he was arrested on June 30, 1934. Hitler was also in the Tegernsee area right after Geli Raubal killed herself in his appartment on the Prinzregentenstrasse in München. Hitler and Heinrich Hofmann went to the house of Adolf Müller. Hitler locked himself up in a room for a couple of days. He didn’t attend the funeral of Geli in Vienna. On April 11, 1932 Hitler was at Tegenrnsee. There he spoke with a member of the American press.
Hitler at the steering wheel of a boat on the Tegernsee
Speech in Stephanskirchen/Schloßberg (22)
Location: Unknown
On April 17, 1932 Hitler spoke in this area.
Visit to Franz Xaver Schwarz
Location: Unknown
In the Illustrierter Beobachter of 1936 there is a picture of Hitler and Franz Schwarz. It could have been taken at the house of Schwarz, but I’m not sure of that. Schwarz was the Reichsschatzmeister (National Treasurer) of the Nazi Party during most of the Party's existence.
Adolf Hitler and Franz Xaver Schwarz in Sankt Quirin
(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936)
Mangfallbrucke (36)
Location: Bridge over the Mangfalltal between München and Rosenheim, north of Weyarn. The road under it is called Mühlthal.
Today: Still there
The bridge was build in the 1930’s. There are some pictures of Hitler near the bridge.
Hitler near the bridge and on the
right the bridge today
Grave of Rudolf Hess (37)
Location: Friedhof Wunsiedel, Wunsiedel, Egerstrasse
Today: Removed in the summer of 2011
The Hess family grave was in Wunsiedel. It was a spot that was frequently visited by neo-nazi’s. That’s the reason why the grave was removed in 2011. Hess was the second man of the German Reich until his flight to England.
The grave of Rudolf Hess
Evangelischen Vereinshaus (35)
Location: Unknown
Adolf Hitler held a speech here on July 19, 1931.
Location: Unknown
On March 20, 1921 Hitler was in Würzburg for a speech.
Location: Unknown
On October 11, 1925 Hitler held a speech at the Harmoniesaal. Although several sources on the internet mention the existance of this hall, I don’t know the exact address of it yet.
Frankenhalle (38)
Location: Von Luxemburgstrasse 4
Today: The building seems to be under ‘Denkmalgeschütz’ and it looks like there have been some vague plans with it. It’s used as an exhibition hall now.
On August 5, 1930 and on April 6, 1932 Hitler held a speech at the Frankenhalle.
Ludwigshalle (before: Bahnhofsgebäude) (39)
Location: Theaterstrasse 21, corner Theaterstrasse/Ludwigstrasse
Today: Gone, since 1966 the Mainfrankentheater is there, on almost the exact same location.
On October 12, 1932 Hitler was going to do a speech at the Ludwigshalle. The speech was sabotaged by communists who cut off the power. No one got caught. Without lights and microphones the speech couldn’t be held. On October 16, 1932 Hitler spoke to 5.000 people inside the Ludwigshalle.
Würzbuger Hof Hotel (40)
Location: Barbarossaplatz
Today: Still there
When Hitler was in Würzburg he used to stay at the Würzburger Hof Hotel. The website Third Reich Ruins has a picture of Hitler in front of the hotel from August 1933.
Residenzplatz (41)
Location: The Residenzplatz is at the crossing of the Hofstrasse and the Balthasar-Neumann-Promenade.
Today: Damaged during the war, but still there in very good shape
Hitler was present at several nazi-ceremoniesin Würzburg. When the Gauparteitag Mainfranken took place on June 27, 1937 Hitler held a speech at the Residenzplatz.
Speech Gau Unterfranken (30)
Location: Unterfranken is a region in the northwest of Bayern; the cities of Aschaffenburg, Schweinfurt and Würzburg are in Unterfranken
On June 27, 1937 Hitler spoke at the party meeting of the Gau Unterfranken.
Gewerbehalle - the Vilsbiburg speech (32)
Location: Unknown
Sachsen lifted the ban on Hitler'speeches that applied for the whole of Germany in January 1927. Bayern followed on March the 5th, but Hitler was not allowed to hold the first speech in München. That’s why  he went to Vilsbiburg on March the 6th, 1927 to make his first public appearance in Bayern in two years.

The Gewerbehalle of Vilsbiburg. If you know more about the exact location of the Gewerbehalle, please contact me here.

(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936)

Adolf Hitler speaks at the Gewerbehalle of Vilsbiburg

(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936)

The hall couldn’t hold all the people that came to watch.

(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936)

Inside the hall  

(picture: Illustrierter Beobachter, 1936)

Bräuwastlsaal (34)
Location: Unknown
Today: It seems that the hall still existed in 1963, what happened after that is unknown.
Adolf Hitler held a speech here on September 3, 1921.
Tent on the Sportplatz des Turnerbundes (33)
Location: Unknown
Today: On both sides of the Ludwig-Wolker-Weg are sporting fields.
On October 13, 1932 Hitler spoke to 10.000 people on the Sportplatz in Weiden.
Opening second Arbeidtsschlacht (31)
Location: Unterhaching is a place south of München, Hitler spoke at the construction site of the Reichsautobahn. Exact location unknown.
On March 21, 1934 Adolf Hitler opened the second Arbeitsschacht of the Third Reich. In his speech Hitler spoke about the new goals for the German people and he called on the people to fight against unemployment.

Hitler during his speech

(Picture: Bundesarchiv,


Bayern is the German state where Hitler's political activities started. When Hitler came to Germany he lived in the capitol of Bayern, München. His first speeches in the 20’s mostly took place in Bayern. On this page (and the Bayern 1 & 2 pages) you’ll find all locations in Bayern I could find so far, except for the ones in München, Nürnberg and the Obersalzberg area. They have a page of their own.      

1. Hitler's home, Passau  2. Hitler's second home, Passau 3. Löwenbrauerei, Passau

4. Peschlkeller, Passau 5.+ 6. Müllerbräu, Pfaffenhofen 7. Ausstellungshalle, Pocking

8. Alte Rathaus, Regensburg 9. Walhalla, Regensburg 10. Stadthalle, Regensburg 11. Hofbräuhaus, Rosenheim 12. Flötzingersaal, Rosenheim 13. Pernlohnerkeller, Rosenheim 14. Saubräukeller, Rosenheim 15. Hotel Deutscher Kaiser, Rosenheim 16. Max-Joseph-Platz, Rosenheim 17. Schwarzenbach am Wald 18. Saalbau, Schweinfurt 19. Schützenplatz, Schweinfurt 20. Turnhalle, Selb

21. Ordensburg, Sonthofen 22. Stephanskirchen area 23. Kronensaal, Straubing 24. Tegernsee 25. Traunstein Camp 26. Wochingersaal, Traunstein 27. Hutter-Sailer-Saal, Traunstein      



Bayern 1 weergeven op een grotere kaart

28. Sailer-Keller, Traunstein 29. Krankenhaus, Traunstein 30. Unterfranken 31. Unterhaching 32. Vilsbiburg 33. Weiden 34. Weilheim 35. Weißenburg 36. Mangfallbrucke, Weyarn 37. Grave Hess, Wunsiedel 38. Frankenhalle, Würzburg 39. Ludwigshalle, Würzburg

40. Hof Hotel, Würzburg 41. Residenzplatz, Würzburg Go to Bayern 1 and to Bayern 2 for more locations.

The house of Hanfstaengls mother or brother in Uffing (29a)
Location: Uffing is near the Staffelsee, outside München. The house was on the crossing of the Bahnhofstrasse/Rußbichlstraße. Hanfstaengl himself had a house in Obernach (Murnauer Moos).
Today: Unknown
After the failed putsch Hitler went to Uffing, nearby the Staffelsee, to the house of Putzi Hanfstaengls mother or brother, where he got arrested on the 11th of November. (source exact location: