Hitler in Sudetenland (pictures: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938)

On October 3 and 4, 1938 Hitler travelled through the Sudetenland, that had just become a part of Germany. Hitler spend the night inbetween both dates in Germany. He visited towns like Eger and Karlsbad and on October 7 he visited Jägerndorf. The sources used here are mostly in German, so the German names as well as the Czech names are mentioned here. In the second half of October and in December of 1938 Hitler was back at the Sudetenland.

 1. Asch

2. Marktplatz, Eger

3. Pavilion, Franzensbad

4. Marktplatz, Friedland

5. Marktplatz, Jägerndorf

6. Burgberg, Jägerndorf

7. Karlsbad

8. Rathaus, Krumau

9. Station, Nikolsburg

9a. Rathaus, Nikolsburg

10. Rathaus, Reichenberg

11. Marktplatz, Rumburg

12. Border, Wildenau

13. Marktplatz, Znaim             


Czechoslovakia 1938 weergeven op een grotere kaart


Hitler (with Himmler behind him) drinking water from th e Franncis Spring  


Marktplatz (4)

Location: Probably Tomáše Garrigue Masaryka

Today: If the location is right, it’s still there.

On October 6, 1938 Hitler held a speech here when the Anschluß of the Sudetenland with Germany had taken place.

The Hitler parade in Karlsbad (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938) Hitler Parade (7) Location: Nová Louka Today: The street is still there. Hitler visited Karlsbad on October 4, 1938. Hitler speaks somewhere in Sudetenland. I don’t know exactly where this picture was taken.   (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938)



Rathaus (8)

Location: Náměstí Svornosti

Today: The former city hall houses the interesting combination of a torture museum and a police station now.

On October 20, 1938 Hitler spoke in front of the Rathaus of Krumau. Hitler came from the Obersalzberg, through Linz to Krumau on this day.

The city hall of Cesky Krumlov today

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The beautiful city of Cesky Krumlov

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

The entrance of the police station

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)

Inside the former city hall

(picture: the Hitlerpages, 2012)


Marktplatz (11)

Location: Náměstí Lužické

Today: Still there

On October 6, 1938 Hitler held a speech here.


Marktplatz (13)

Location: Masarykovo Náměstí

Today: Still there

On October 26, 1938 Hitler visited Znaim. He held a speech at the Marktplatz.


Train station (9)

Location: Nádražní

Today: There’s still a station, but I don’t know if the building is still the same.

On October 27, 1938 Hitler came to Nikolsburg in his Sonderzug. He drove into the area around Nikolsburg by car. When he returned to Nikolsburg he held a speech from the Rathaus balcony.

Rathaus (9a)

Location: Náměstí

Today: Still there

On October 27, 1938 Hitler visited Nikolsburg. He held a speech from the Rathaus balcony.


Rathaus (10)

Location: Náměstí Doktora Edvarda Beneše

Today: Still there

On December 2, 1938 Hitler visited Reichenberg. He held a speech inside the Rathaus. A Zeppelin flew over the town on that day, on the so called Sudetenlandfahrt, organised by the ministry of  Propaganda.

The Rathuas of Liberec in 2003 (picture: www.wikipedia.de)

Wildenau border (12) Location: Border between Wildenau and Asch  Today: Looks the same, the house on the border still there. Hitler crossed the border here in October 1938 Hitler at Wildenau border, between Germany and Czechoslovakia (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938)



Marktplatz - Town Hall (5)

Location: Hlavní Náměstí

Today: Still there

On October 7, 1938, when the Sudetenland had become a part of Germany,  Hitler held a speech here.

Jägerndorf on October 7, 1938:

Hitler’s in town (picture: www.muzeum.krnov.cz)

Jägerndorf Town Hall on October 7, 1938 (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938)

 Above: Göring, Hitler, Henlein, Rundstedt. Below: Göring and Hitler. (pictures: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938)

Burgberg (Cvillin) (6)

Location: On the southeast of Krnov, at the end of a road called Městská.


On October 7, 1938 Hitler held a speech in Jägerndorf. He also visited the Burgberg on that day.

Hitler on the Burgberg. Exact location unknown.

(picture: www.muzeum.krnov.cz)

The Burgberg around 1930

(picture: postcard)

After the war the Burgberg Lager was built. Germans that had lived in the Sudetenland were put in this concentration camp, under very bad conditions. (picture: copyrights unknown)

Marktplatz (2) Location: Náměstí Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad Today: Still there Hitler visited Cheb on October 3, 1938. There are pictures of him on the Marktplatz. The Marktplatz in Eger during the Hitler visit  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938) Hitler signs the Eger city book,  inside the Rathaus (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1938)


Hitler on the Marktplatz in Eger. (www.tyden.cz) Hitler driving through Asch (1) Location: Unknown  On October 3, 1938 Hitler drove through Asch. Where the picture below was taken, I don’t know,


Hitler in Asch