On March 15, 1939 Hitler went to Czechoslovakia because now the rest of the country was taken over by the Germans. He went to Leipa by train, where he took a car to Prague. He staid in Prague until the next day. On the 17th he went to Olmütz and Brünn. After that he travelled to Vienna.

 1. Rathaus, Brünn

2. Station, Leipa

3. Olomouc

4. Hradschin, Prag

1939 Hitler, somewhere in  Brünn. Maybe be at the  trainstation. Hitler's motorcade in the  streets of Brünn.

Hitler in front of the Rathaus.

Left: The Rathaus today

(picture: www.wikipedia.de)


Station Leipa (2) Location: Bulharská Today: Still there On March 14, 1939 after intimidating Hacha in Berlin, German troops entered Tsjechoslowakia. A day later Hitler travelled to Leipa by train. There he got into his Mercedes to drive to Prague.


Hitler on his way to the Hradschin (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) German soldiers entering the gate to the gouvernement buildings (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) The gate today (picture: the Hitlerpages) The gate from the other side (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) Hitler on the square  in front of the building  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) The Hradschin-hill with  the church on top Two pictures of the building today (picture: the Hitlerpages) The square today  (picture: the Hitlerpages) Hitler in the window from outside and inside (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) Inside the building  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) Above and below: Hilter and Hacha meeting eachother and shaking hands (below) (two pictures approximately taken at the same time but taken from a different perspective) Hitler and his staff inside the Hradschin building  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) Hacha and Hitler Hitler leaves Prag  (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939)


The square today and in March 1939 (picture: Heinrich Hoffmann, 1939) March 17 (3) Location: Unknown On March 17, 1939, after he leftr Prague, Hitler visited Olmütz and Brünn. After that he went to Vienna in his Sonderzug.


Czechoslovakia 1939 weergeven op een grotere kaart