Sportplatz (1) Location: Unknown On July 15, 1932 Hitler held a speech at the Sportplatz of Gumbinnen for 50.000 people. GUMBINNEN - GUSEV ROSTOW (ROSTO-NA-DONU) SMOLENSK

The army headquarters in Smolensk. The Germans on the picture are ready to leave for an inspection of the area in September 1942.

(picture: Boeselager, 2008)

Captain Von Bülow and Phillip von Boeselager inside the headquarters

(picture: Boeselager, 2008)

The Officers Mess where the attack on Hitler’s life was supposed to have taken place.

(picture: Boeselager, 2008)

Von Kluge’s room. Von Kluge led the army group until he was injured in October 1943.

(picture: Boeselager, 2008)

Rennplatz (11) Location: Unsure, but it must have been opposite to the Waldfriedhof on the Graf-Keyserlingk-Allee. The German names have changed. Today: Gardens On July 15, 1932 Hitler spoke to 40.000 people on the Rennplatz in Tilsit. TILSIT - SOVETSK Großen Saal von Jacobsruh Location: Unknown On October 17, 1932 Hitler spoke to 2.000 people in the large hall of Jacobsruh. Flugplatz Insterburg (2) Location: An airbase is located at the southwest of the city. On November 26 1943 Hitler attended a presentation of the Luftwaffe at the Flugplatz Insterburg, an hour away from the Wolfschanze. A picture of of Insterburg  dated 26-11-1943 (picture: unknown) INSTERBURG - CHERNYAKHOVSK Gesellschaftshaus Location: Unknown On October 17, 1932 Hitler held a speech at the Gesellschaftshaus of Insterburg. The Stadthalle am Schlossteich (picture unknown) KÖNIGSBERG - KALININGRAD An old postcard of the Haus der Technik (picture:, copyright: public domain)

Königsberger Schloß (7)

Location: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz, between the three roads: Leninskiy Prospekt, Moskowskiy Prospekt and Shevchenko Ulitsa

Today: The castle burned down after a bombing in 1944. The walls of the castle tower and other remains were removed by the Soviets.  The Zentralplatz must still be there. There is talk about opening the cellars of the castle for the public. Today the former Soviet House is there

Hitler was in Königsberg on March 25, 1938, the date Hitler began the Anschluss campagne (his last political campagne) in Königsberg.

A picture of the old castle

(picture: public domain,


Some places that are Russian now, used to be German. That makes it difficult to trace a location, because the German names that are used in the written sources have changed into Russian names. Hitler came to cities like Gumbinnen and Königsberg already before he became chanselor. Other places were visited by Hitler during the attack on Russia.   

 1. Sportplatz, Gumbinnen

2. Flugplatz, Insterburg

3. Railway station, Königsberg

4. Stadthalle, Königsberg

5. Haus der Technik, Königsberg

6. Walter-Simons-Platz, Königsberg

7. Schloß, Königsberg

8. Headquarters Heeresgruppe Süd, Rostov

9. Airfield, Smolensk

10. Airfield, Taganrog

11. Rennplatz, Tilsit        


Russia weergeven op een grotere kaart