The area around Berchtesgaden and the Obersalzberg has some interesting things to visit. The second Reichskanzlei in Stangass is one of them. Hitler often visited the two lakes nearby: the Obersee and the Königssee. When Hitler was on the Obersalzberg he had some important meetings at Schloss Klessheim, near Salzburg.   

Berchtesgaden region weergeven op een grotere kaart

Second Reichskanzlei (4)

Location: Urbanweg 22-26

Today: Appartments

In 1936 the second Reichs Chancellery was built in Stanggass. On January 18, 1937 Hitler spoke at the Richtfest (festivities when the roof of a building has been made) of the second Reichskanzlei. There was also a hospital built in 1940 in Stangass, named the Dietrich Eckart Krankenhaus. It must still be there.  

The eagle’s still there, the swatika in the cirkel is gone.  

(picture: The Hitlerpages, 2006)

The other side of the Kanzlei

(pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2006)

Left: The Kehlsteinhaus as seen from the Kanzlei-parking place

Right: Steps leading downhill, to a shelter underneath the Kanzlei

(pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2006)

The appartment complex that was built as Reichskanzlei is called the Kanzlerhaus today. (pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2006)


Heinrich Himmler’s house called Schneewinkellehen (5)

Location: At the end of the Schneewinklweg

Today: Private property.

Heinrich Himmler owned a villa in Schönau, near the Obersalzberg. The villa once was Sigmund Freuds vacation home.


Hotel Schiffmeister (6)

Location: Seestraße 34

Today: Still there

One of Hitler's favourite places to go to when he was on the Obersalzberg was the Königssee. He used to visit the Hotel Schiffmeister a lot.

Two recent pictures of Hotel Schiffmeister

House where Paula Hitler died (7)

Location: Unknown

Wolfgang Zdral states in his book about the family of Adolf Hitler that Paula Hitler died in Schönau, where she lived with her friend and alleged former girlfriend of Adolf, Maria Reiter. Paula Hitler died in 1960. Here you’ll find more locations linked to Paula Hitler.

Obersee (3)

Location: west side of the Obersee

Today: The exact location of the pictures below must be easy to trace.

There are some pictures used for propaganda made on the shore of the Obersee. Eva Braun often swam at this lake. One of the waterfalls of the Obersee appears in the Eva Braun home movies.

Adolf Hitler in front of the Obersee


Königssee (2), (2a), (2b)

Location: Several locations around the lake

Today: The famous spots are still recognisable.

Adolf Hitler came to Schönau and the Königssee every now and then. When he was not at the Obersalzberg Eva Braun often went to the Königssee with friends.

St. Bartholomä today


Eva Braun at the Königssee

Adolf Hitler in a boat on the Königssee, with behind him St. Bartholomä


Purtscheler Haus (1)

Location: Past the Obersalzberg and the Klaushöhe runs the Purtschellerstrasse. Between the Purtschellerstrasse and the Hoher Göll is the Purtscheller Haus. Exact location: 47’36’34.06’’N - 13’04’18.46’E

Today: Still there

Nerin E. Gunn writes about this house in his book about Eva Braun. He says Hitler also worked on Mein Kampf at this location. Other books (for instance the more recent study about Mein Kampf of Othmar Plöckinger) don’t mention the Purtscheller Haus. Hitler probably knew the place, but if it’s got something to do with Mein Kampf is not sure.

The Putscheler Haus today

Sports school for the Bund Deutsche Mädel (8)

Location: Insulaweg 1

Today: Altenheim Insula (old people’s home)

This might be a place of interest when one is in the area. If Hitler was ever here, we don’t know.

The sports school for German girls during the nazi-period is turned into a home for the elderly.

(pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2006)

Adolf Hitler Kaserne, complex of the 2nd Battalion of the Gebirgsjägerregiment (9)

Location: Gebirgsjägerstrasse

Today: Still there, still a military complex.

I found no proof of Hitler visiting this Kaserne, but he must have known it.

The Kaserne with the round

tower is easy to find.

(pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2006)


The Adolf Hitler Jugendherberge (10)

Location: Gebirgsjägerstrasse corner Struberberg

Today: The building still serves as a youth activities centre.

Hitler was at this Youth Hostel at least once. There are pictures to prove it. The website thirdreichruins has such a picture. Hitler might have driven past this hostel more often than once.

There are some old pictures of Hitler walking on the path in front of the building; this is what it looks like now. (pictures: The Hitlerpages, 2006)

Göllhäusl Dietrich Eckart (Hinterbrand Lodge or Eckart Hütte) (11)

Location: Scharitzkehlstrasse 40, past Vorderbrand, just before the road turns into the Vorderbrandstrasse.

Today: Still there

Eckart used this cottage to hide for the government. Hitler was there several times. After the war it was used by the U.S. Army until 2004.

Inside the Eckart-Hütte in the

30’s or 40’s

Hitler in front of the Eckart Lodge. A picture of what the house looks like today can be found on the website


Gasthof Vorderbrand (12)

Location: Vorderbrandstrasse 91

Today: Still there

Paula Hitler rented a room at the hotel Vorderbrand in 1945. In 1949 she moved to Pension Sonnefels in Berchtesgaden.

The Gasthof Vorderbrand on old pictures

1. Putscheler Haus

2. 2a. 2b. Königssee

3. Obersee

4. Second Reichskanzlei

5. House Heinrich Himmler

6. Hotel Schiffmeister

7. House where Paula Hitler died

8. BDM Sportschool

9. Gebirgsjägerkaserne

10. Adolf Hitler Jugendherberge

11. Eckart House

12. Hotel Vorderbrand

13. Gasthaus Seeklause

14. Berghotel Predigtstuhl

Gasthaus Seeklause (13)

Location: Am See 65, Hintersee - Ramsau

Today: Still there

There is a picture of Adolf Hitler on the terrace of the Seeklause Hotel on the shore of the Hintersee.


Adolf Hitler and Otto Dietrich on the terrace, probably on the balcony, of the Gasthaus Seeklause

(picture: Heinrich Hoffmann)

Gasthaus Seeklause today. The mountain on the left is the same mountain as the one on the picture with Hitler on it.

Berghotel Preditstuhl (14)

Location: Südtiroler Platz 1, Bad Reichenhall

Today: Still there

Adolf Hitler was on the Preditstuhl mountain near Bad Reichenhall at least once. The Predigtstuhlbahn still goes to the Berghotel where Hitler was once.


Adolf Hitler at the Berghotel on Predigtstuhl mountain near Bad Reichenhall

(picture: Heinrich Hoffmann)

A postcard of a mother and a daughter with Adolf Hitler at the Berghotel

A postcard of the Berghotel

The Berghotel today